Reviews of equipment

"Schulz" company constantly strives to meet all the expectations of our customers, so we are very attentive to your opinions, wishes and recommendations to improve the quality of the equipment we produce, sales and service.

Governing of the pub "Bochkarev"


Schulz Company installed and commissioned brewery Schulz-300 in our pub on May 6, 2013. The equipment is fully justified itself for six years of operation. We brew a beer 2-3 times a week - it turns out approximately 230-240 liters of beer per day. With this brewing equipment we have practically no problems, but during commissioning small defects appeared with the first cooking, but "Schulz" Company’s engineering eliminated it immediately, so we were calm. In cooperation with the company "Schultz" we most appreciate their systematic approach to solving problems that may arise during the operation. We also together hold a business conference and author beer tasting since 2014. In conclusion I want to say that quality beer with a rich taste can be brewed with the brewing equipment Schulz-300 confirming the feedback from our patrons and high grades of beer experts.

Brewer Sergey, Kovel, pub "Kovel Brewery"


We signed a contract with "Schulz" Company to supply brewing equipment Schulz-500. Employees of the company have been actively involved in the formation, maintenance and organization of the control over the execution of the contract in a professional manner. Special thanks for equipment delivered in time.

Technical aspects of equipment operation, from the time of its launch, showed stable operation without faults and failures, as well as a convenient packaging, layout and minimum human cost of its maintenance. Work with "Schulz" equipment has once again confirmed the correctness of our choice. I must say that with such a high quality of execution of the brewery, it has an affordable price and excellent technical support from the manufacturer. We express our deep gratitude to all of the pub team "Kovel Brewery" for the high duty and attentiveness to our needs!

Vyacheslav, managing, pub "Merry Little Russian"


We know about brewing equipment "Heinrich Schulz" for a long time, as familiar with the history of the global brewing and its traditions. We actively searched online to choose the highest quality equipment for a reasonable price that can pay for themselves real terms.  We took a 300-liter brewery with a sales rate of 250 liters of beer for 2-3 days. We have a small pub in a residential area, because we value the turnover and price policy we have quite loyal. As for the competition, we immediately identified that we will not overpay for the Czech or German brand, as we have had experience in dealing with restaurateur, who bought the brewery for 500 liters in the Czech Republic, paid a huge sum in euros and get nothing more. It started having systematic problems.  And short warranty period, immediately increased the maintenance costs of the brewery.

'Heinrich Schulz" employees immediately pleased with the human relation to our question. They come to our restaurant, thoroughly examined everything, recorded, photographed. For some reason we have quickly found a common language with a team of installers and technicians.

Brewhouse meet the highest aesthetic requirements: this is currently the industrial hi-tech style. All tanks are double-walled stainless steel with polyurethane foam insulation. No Chinese cheap substitutes.  All components and certificates of quality to them showed their European origin, and technical and technological aspects are certified by German specialists. Many thanks to all for their professionalism Schulz and European approach to brewing business!

Victor, Drohobych


We became interested brewery project in Drohobych in the end of 2010, but the real negotiations have moved only in 2013. We immediately noticed that not a lot of producers brewing equipment in Ukraine, and were afraid to communicate with foreign suppliers, as heard about the problems of poor warranty and service. Among Ukrainian manufacturers Heinrich Schulz distinguished history of realized projects in Ukraine and the world, as well as the price flexibility in the negotiations. The great advantage of working with Shultz began leasing program from PrivatBank. Since we had no money to buy the brewery in full, we took advantage of this offer and its conditions are satisfied.

Thank you for helping with the choice of equipment for a certain amount of realization of beer.  All set up qualitatively and in time. At first we had doubts about the equipment, but the company adjusters "Schulz" explained everything available and conducted test brew with our technologist, invited him its plant in Kiev. All doubts were dispelled immediately. Competent craftsmen, skilled brewers of company helped to deal with the problematic issues. The entire installation team works smoothly; any questions were given timely and succinct answers. There are no complaints or problems for 7 months of work with the equipment. Come to Drohobych, will be pleased to see you!

Yuriy, Volgodonsk


We express our sincere gratitude to the employees of the company, "Schulz" for the installation of equipment in the city of Volgodonsk, at the end of November 2013. All installation works completed in time, without delays and inaccuracies. We express a special thanks to manager Ludmila for a keen understanding of our requests, complete control over the performance of contractual obligations and the human relation to our company.  We found information about Schultz in Internet, leave a request and received the first information quickly enough, just within 3 weeks we had the equipment, special thanks to manufacturer for your patience and help in choosing premises for the brewery, it is very important to us. First we spent brews with brewer Igor Mishchenko. The brews have been on a high level, our technologist caught all the technical intricacies of working with Schulz equipment and they are slightly different from other breweries, because it took some time to establish the whole process at the highest level. After a couple of brews, we reduced all the technological losses and yielding a very tasty beer, which we delight our guests and to this day. With this recall, we reaffirm that Schulz equipment can be cooked very tasty beer, if you meet the requirements of the manufacturer's engineers.


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