Пивоварня в контейнере

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Modular breweries in containers are the perfect solution for those who want to buy brewery but is not the restaurant or pub owner, or haven’t enough room in own facility.

Besides, it is the best option for customers who want to install brewery and get started brewing business fast and easy. Our company provides full organizational and technological preparation of the brewery. You may install modular brewery “turnkey” in any part of the world. We provide the production and installation of modular breweries capacity from 100 to 200 liters.

The main advantages of modular brewery:

  • Compactness - Modular brewery is characterized by high ergonomic, does not take up a lot of space and save it.
  • Mobility – it is easy to move without complex disassembly and assembly of equipment
  • The possibility of increasing capacity of equipment - existing production capacities of modular brewery can be easily upgraded by adding the optional modules
  • Easy to install – brewery installation does not require intensive interventions and licensing documents also.
  • Maximum operation - modular brewery will produce the maximum volumes of beer from the first brews
  • Reliability - mass production according to German technical documentation allow to avoid the errors and problems of equipmentб typical for handicraft production and cheap breweries.
  • Regardless of external conditions - With modular brewery you will no longer depend on the beer suppliers

Equipment set:

  1. Twin-roll malt mill
  2. Mash tun
  3. Lauter tank whirpool
  4. Steam generator
  5. Double circuit heat exchanger
  6. Control panel (brewing kettle)
  7. Control panel (cylindroconical vessel, bright beer tank)
  8. Boiler
  9. Worktop with wash stand
  10. Cylindroconical vessel – 4 pcs
  11. Bright beer tank – 2 pcs
  12. Kegs – 8 pcs

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