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2.You own your restaurant, and know a lot about good beer?

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It's time to surprise your guests with fresh amber drink.

You can easily become a professional from an amateur brewer.

Especially since it does not require special training or a lot of capital. To brew beer yourself today is very easy.

A functional restaurant mini brewery will help you.

Just imagine that your establishment will always offer fresh, cold, foamy beer of different varieties.

Customers will start going to your restaurant in flocks!

Why beer brewed in a restaurant is better?

  1.  In contrast to the manufactured beer, it contains no preservatives or additives.
  2.  The beer of your own production has a rich taste.
  3.  It contains a maximum of minerals and vitamins.

At the same time the cost of such beer is very different from the purchased one.

You are a restaurant owner?

Then there's a great opportunity to attract new customers and please the constant visitors. Your own restaurant brewery will allow you to produce fresh beer in any quantity to a high standard. Because the production process is extremely fast, you will always have a fresh drink.

* This brewery is designed at the average for restaurants and cafes with a room up to 70 seats.

A brewery for restaurants is a good investment in the business development.

You have a difficulty in choosing a micro brewery?

Please address to our consultants.

They will help you choose the best model for your requests.

Get started your brewing business today!

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