Mash-brewing kettle


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Mash-brewing kettle

Mash-brewing kettle is intended for malt mashing and boiling the wort with hops. Mash-brewing kettle with steam-jacket is a cylindrical vessel with double spherical bottom with a hole for mash lowering in the center of it. Underdrive propeller mixer is located on a vertical shaft in the lower part of the kettle. The top spherical cap is connected with the kettle body and has suction tube for removal of vapor released during heating and boiling.The mash is prepared at the beginning of the brewing depending on recipe. Mash it’s a mixture of crushed grain products (various malt types and other required ingredients) intended for mashing with water. Its gruel formed when mixing mash with water, which has a sweet taste because of malt’s dissolved sugar. Gradual heating produces during mashing with so-called “thermal breaks” necessary for the effect of different ferments. The several such pauses at the modern production:

  • 50-52 degrees during 10-15 minutes “protein pause” (for protein breakdown)
  • 62-63 degrees during 15-30 minutes (effect of beta-amylase enzyme which crushes starch and dextrin into small fragments – oligosaccharides, maltose)
  • 70-72 degrees during 30 minutes (effect of alpha-amylase enzyme which crushes starch small fragments – dextrin)

The end of the process of saccharification determine with the iodine sample (drops of iodine solution must not turn blue). Then the mash is heated to 78 degrees (to inactivate the enzymes and reduce the viscosity) and fed to filtration.

There are technologies of mashing with boiling, when the part of mash is boiling. Usually, such method is applied by using malt-free material – barley, rice, corn as well as in the production of dark beer varieties.

Technical statement

MaterialSteel AISI 304
The thickness of the inner wall2/2,5/3/4 mm
The thickness of the outer wall1/1, 5/2 mm
Stowage spaceFrom 100 to 2500 liters
CapacityFrom 0.25 to 2.5 kW
Heating method100/200 – oil (tubular electric heater), 300/500/1000/2500 – steam heating
Thermal-insulation blanket80 mm poly urethane
Internal surfacepolish layer
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