Malt mill

Malt Mill capacity from 250 to 2000 kg/hour is intended especially for minibreweries. We offer two roller and four-roller malt mills.

Malt Mill of such kind is used at breweries and restaurant breweries around the world. Malt Mill has sufficiently small size along with a sufficiently high capacity, and can be installed easily even in a small workshop. Usage of malt mill is applied to grind the malt into 8-12 parts according to production technology of quality beer and doesn’t turn it into dust like it always happens in hammer mills. Minimal dusting during the grinding in malt mill applied to do less cost of filtration raw materials during the filtration of beer (cardboard filter, rock flour etc.) and significantly increase the rate of beer filtration. Also, malt mill allow saving shells for its further use as a filtration material for mash filtration.

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  • Malt Mill has a strong metal frame with a mounted rollers on it
  • There is a reservoir capacity from 25 kg in the upper part of malt mill (depending on malt mill capacity)
  • Malt feeder device allow to evenly distributing re-entering product and control the feed rate.
  • Gap adjustment system between the rollers occurs in stepless manner that allows you to set any gap
  • Toothing rollers, toothing parallel to the roller axis, made of steel, diameter more than 250mm.


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