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Mobile CIP station

is not intended to maintain pressure. It consists of two tanks with chemicals, curved bottoms from below and from above, the top of which serves as an opening lid. Washing of pipelines, heat exchangers, hoses, and tanks equipped with a washing head is performed with a mobile CIP station. The structure of the mobile CIP station: contains two tanks for chemicals. The alkali tank is heated by means of two heating elements with a power of 4.5 kW and equipped with 50 mm thermal insulation. There is a circulation pump, suction and discharge pipes, on the general frame, which are permanently fixed to the frame. It gets on transportation already in working order.

Mobile CIP is designed for the following:

* Rinse with cold water;

* Rinse with warm water;

* Circulation washing with alkaline detergent solution;

* Rinse with hot water;

* Circulation washing with acid detergent solution;

* Rinse with hot water;

* Sterilization with hot water or disinfectant solution;

* Control of the return pumps for detergent solutions;

* Manual and automatic mode of operation

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