Roll bar

Roll bar

it is a mobile counter on wheels which accommodates beer cooler, one or two kegs of beer, equipped with column and CO2 balloon for beer supplying from keg to taps through the cooler. Roll bar also has the option of installation an umbrella over it to protect it from the sun.

Street sale of beverages is gaining its momentum. To be at the right time and in the right place, there are special mobile installations for beer sale – roll-bars.

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“Schulz” Company offers roll bars to suit every taste and color. We produce stationary and mobile roll bars with the possibility of installation the coolers and isothermal roll bars without coolers. Upon customer request the external walls of roll bars can be equipped with click system. Click system allows you to quickly change the advertising and informational data located therein.

Roll bars are made from high quality aluminum profile and sheathed with moisture resistant sheets or plastic - depending on the customer's wishes. It’s also possible to paint the roll-bar in any color.

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