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HOPINATOR is a device that serves to impart an additional hopping.

With its stylish design, hopping device can be installed in a prominent place, on the bar for example, thereby increasing interest in the process of beer supply. HOPINATOR has a number of advantages in order to start using it:

  • Allow beer hopping directly before filling into a glass with the addition of variety of spices, fruits and berries.
  • Small raw load weight (1-1.5kg), compared with industry analogs
  • Easy to use - bartender, waiter or manager can use it easily
  • Modern design with diopters allows using the device as an additional decor element of bar counter or pub.
  • The relatively small mass of hopping device plays great importance in its mobility.
  • HOPINATOR makes it possible to get as much flavor beer with the desired taste and aroma as you need at the moment.
  • The ability to experiment with taste and aroma
Material154х2 AISI 304
Operating pressure2,5 bar
Purification methodCIP
Outside treatingpolish
Internal treating2B
Volume6,5 litres
Weight of loading raw materials1-1,5 kg

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