device intended for giving an extra flavor and unique taste for beer in large volumes. HOP BOMB is designed for use on small breweries of various sizes. The functional device allows you to load different ingredients in the treatment tank to give the original beer taste. Mobile Structure - three pillars with sliding wheels.

The upper part has safety valve, manometer and CO2 valve. The structure itself is a bunker in the bunker. The inner tank is made of perforated sheet of AISI 30 and designed for hops download. Also it has the observation diopter for visual inspection of process progress, beer circulation pump and all necessary control valves.

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Sphere of application:

  • imparting additional flavor to beer in large quantities;
  • increasing the storage life of beer;
  • the possibility of adding of fruits, berries, spices and herbs instead of hops;
  • convenience of equipment transportation on the brewery territory
MaterialAISI 304
Thickness (external)2 mm
Thickness (internal)Perforation Ø2mm S=2mm
Operating pressure3 bar
Purification methodCIP
Outside treatingpolish
Internal treating2B
Volume80 л
Weight of loading raw materials10-25 kg


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