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Kegs are becoming increasingly popular packaging, especially in spring and summer.Kegs allows to organize the delivery of beveragein a sellingpoint with minimal cost(usually this: beer, kvass, wine).We offer apparatus for dispensing beer, kvass, wine in kegs with different performance.

Technical characteristics of keg-apparatus capacity of 20 kegs / hour

Productivity:20 - 60 kegs / hour

Number of line items:1-3

Type of cleaning fittings: customer-specific

Material: steel AISI 304

Pump type:MXH 403

Control board type:IP54

Established capacity:12 kW

Recommended cross section of supply cable:4x4 mm²

Rated voltage:50 Hz± 4%

Overall dimensions:1750 x 2050 x 1490

Operating pressure: 5 MPa

Loudness:≤85 dB(А)

Electricity. Requiredminimumparameters

  • Input: 380W 50Hz, 16A
  • Tubular electric heater: 1,5 – 3,0 kW
  • Pump: 750 W
  • Control panel: 380W

High quality materials and components of known manufacturers used for the production of the device:

Supportframe, tank of cleaning solution, bindingStainless steel AISI 304
Control board IP54Stainless steel AISI 304
PumpCalpeda (Italy)
Controllerand control panelSiemens (Germany)
Pneumatic control systemCamozzi (Italy)
Valves with pneumatic controlCamozzi (Italy)

Keg-washer is fully assembled. The device is completely ready for operation after the connection with a water and air (steam).

In addition to keg-washer you can buy:

  • integrated steam generator

The device performs the following operations:

  • Outcome of the rest of beverage
  • Outcome of gas pressure
  • Washing with a cold water
  • Washing with a prepared water or acid
  • Steam sterilization - customer-specific
  • Filling with CO2
Automatic keg-washerSemi-automatic keg washer
Keg washing process is completely automatic which excludes the human factor. It is possible to choose the washing mode on the control panel (rapid washing, usual), which controls the level of liquid and temperature in a vessel.Keg washing process is carried in manual mode. There are few buttons on the control panel, with the help of which the operator controls keg washing process and the temperature of washing liquid.
There are two vessels in the construction (for prepared water and caustic soda) + washing with running water.There is one vessel in the construction (caustic soda) + washing with running water.
20 kegs/hour (possibility of changing the cycle)Depending on operator
Washing quality
Complies with all sanitary standardsDepending on operator
18 months12 months

It is very important for any manufacturer to get the properties and quality of manufactured product for the costumer. Attention to such important process as preparing of packing materials affects both the taste and the quality of beverages. This factor has a positive effect on market loyalty to manufacturer company and ultimately to the product demand from consumers.


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