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CCT (cylindrical-conical tank) from manufacturer

The ever increasing competition force brewers to search methods of acceleration of beer production. CCT is the best option for rapid fermentation and maturation of beer. The main advantage of cylindrical-conical tank is the fact that fermentation and after fermentation extends uninterruptedly without requiring of transfusion in other containers. It reduces the cost of beer preparation, but also greatly increases its flavoring qualities.


High quality of welded seams

Operating pressure up to 2 bar


Compulsory testing in workshop before shipment


Czech made regulated isolation valve


Self-made barrel drainage


Such structure at mini breweries significantly affects the compact arrangement of the equipment and saves valuable space in the premises. The conjunction of technological knowledge and technical data unit allow achieving of high quality beverage. CCT technology contributes to the acceleration of fermentation process and increases beer production volumes.

Cylindrical-conical tank - is a vertical container with adjustable support, jacket and thermal insulation. The device is equipped with an inspection hatch, CIP pipeline with washing head, sampling crane, carbon dioxide crane, barrel drainage, vacuum and safety valves, level gauge, temperature sensor, devices of automatic temperature control.

The side surface and the lower bottom are thermally insulated and closed with outer jacket. Lower bottom is made as a cone with 70 ° angle.  The side surface and cone are equipped with cooling jackets. Inspection hatch installed on the side surface. The device installed on a support with the adjusting screws.

Materialsteel AISI 304
The thickness of the inner wall2/2,5/3/4 mm
The thickness of the outer wall1/1,5/2 mm
Thermal insulation layer80 mm, polyurethane
Liquid refrigerating agent40% propylene glycol solution
Operating pressure0,2 MPa
Purification methodCIP
Internal surface finishgrinding layer

The advantages of Schulz equipment

The undoubted benefits of this unit should include the following factors:

  • continuity of the main and secondary fermentation in a single vessel
  • ability to remove the yeast sediment
  • presence of the hydraulic gate valve
  • wide neck makes it easy to clean inside the machine
  • high quality stainless steel
  • simplicity in taking samples
  • polished welding seams
  • possibility of disinfection with hot steam, due to the absence of plastic pieces;
  • energy savings and reduction of product losses
  • compactness of the equipment installation, saving useful area space
  • flexibility of technological process

Price and buying of CCT

CCT manufacturing is a laborious process which includes a set of operations that require the use of modern equipment. Machine with automatic longitudinal welding used to have perfect seams.  Neat surface treatment and compliance with precise geometry requires CNC equipment. The cutting of blanks, docking and grinding, as well as the bending of cones, it is not a complete list of the necessary work. Our company carries out such work at the highest level, and creates unique products for customers, which will meet all the requirements the client. Delivery and installation of equipment turnkey and warranty service, along with an affordable price will please any buyer.

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