Home distiller 50 liters

Home mobile distillation unit for preparation of alcoholic drinks


What could be better than a homelike atmosphere, complemented with a touch of pleasure and good taste? The pleasure from creating of unique and delicious drinks, cooking on their own special recipe can become one of the favorite pleasures in life in today's dynamic world.
"Heinrich Schultz" company presents a new product that will allow you to make the world brighter - a new home distiller "Heinrich Schultz".
Order mobile and multifunctional device for home production of alcoholic beverages "Heinrich Schultz" now and your guests will enjoy strong alcoholic drinks, refined liqueur, rum and Scotch whiskey.
The equipment is made of AISI Type 308 stainless steel and equipped with everything necessary for the production of a quality product:

• Stainless steel heated tank
• Two steam drums for cleaning alcohol
• Copper coil

Home mobile distillation unit for preparation of alcoholic drinks "Heinrich Schultz" allows you to receive up to 7 liters of strong alcohol.

The distiller is simply to buy – just leave your request on the site, and our sales experts will help you to choose the best kit for you!

With a help of "Heinrich Schultz" distiller you will be able completely change your alcoholic tastes and traditions, and every holiday will become a truly unique and special!

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