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Minibrewery Schulz 300 liters

Mini breweries Schulz 300  is a set of equipment designed for beer brewing in a restaurant or distributing among beer selling points. Brewery consists of brewing part, fermentation department and auxiliary equipment. Private brewery gives you an opportunity to provide craft beer to several small restaurants. Two variants of performance are available - copper cladding or stainless steel. Brewery equipment is developed individually for every client according to his needs. Regardless of the price of brewery, you will be able to brew a beer of any styles. Design features of each Schulz brewery allow you to brew both grain beer and extract beer.

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The cost of brewery Schulz 300 from 59500$
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The cost price of 1 liter of beer from 0,3$

Technical specifications of brewery Schulz 300:

1.Capacity at 8 CCT, maturation 21 days6855 l / month; 228 l / day
2.Area46 м²
3.Power consumption, kW46 kW; 380V: 50 Hz
4.Water consumption26.4 м³/month; 0,9 м³/day
5.Sewerage19.2 м³/month; 0,66 м³/day

Equipment set Schulz 300:

Malt Mill1CCT8
Mash Tun1Control panel №2 (CCT)1
Lauter Tun - Whirlpool1Refrigerating unit1
Pipelines and isolation valve of brewing line (including hop separator)1 setCooling pump2
Steam generator1Automatic cooling system (solenoid valves, temperature gages)1 set
Wort pump1Mobile CIP-pump1
Working platform (decorative table)1Mini Lab and brewer set1 set
Control panel №1 (brewing line)1Hoses of fermentation room1 set
Boiler1Device for filling kegs1
Plate heat exchanger1

*The equipment for cleaning and preparation of water not included in the equipment kit

Why SCHULZ for a three hundred liters?

High quality of welding seam

Polishing steel to a mirror finish

Mandatory test before shipment to a customer



  Malt Mill

Two-roller malt mill is designed for grinding of malt. It has a storage bin capacity of 16 liters, the ability to adjust the bite between the rollers. Rotation of the rollers carried out by belt gearing, driven by an electric motor. Power consumption: 0.75 kW, 380V, 50 Hz.

Mash Tun

It is designed for mashing and boiling of wort with hops. It has a mixing machine, driven by an electric motor (P = 0.37 kW, 380V). The device has heating steam jacket which covers the lower part of the device and its bottom. Mash Tun is thermally insulated with urethane plastic foam. Temperature sensor located in the cylindrical part of the apparatus. Operating volume of the machine is 300 liters, total - 450 liters.

Lauter Tun – Whirlpool

It is intended for filtration of mash - separation of its solid (grains) and liquid (wort) phases. Also, this unit is designed for separation of hot break. Filtration is carried out through removable sieve, consisting of several individual segments. It’s also has a ripper, driven by an electric motor (P = 0.37 kW, 380V). The device is thermally insulated with urethane plastic foam. The apparatus has a rectangular hatch in the cylindrical part for unloading grains. Operating volume of the machine is 300 liters, total - 450 liters.

Steam generator

Electrical anodic steam generator is intended to heat mash tun with superheated steam.Productivity: up to 40 kg of steam / h.Power consumption: 28 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz


Wort pump

It’s intended for pumping of mash and wort between devices of brewing line (mash tun and lauter tun – whirlpool) at different stages of brewing process and pumping the finished cold hopping wort into CCT for fermentation.Power consumption: 0.55 kW, 380V, 50 Hz. Capacity: up to 6 m³ / h.

Cooling pumps

Cooling pump №1 is intended for circulation of refrigerant coolant solution from the collecting tank for cooling in the refrigeration aggregate. Power consumption: 0.75 kW, 380V, 50 Hz Productivity of 4m³ / hour. Head up of 40 m. Cooling pump №2 is intended for supplying CCT and heat exchanger with refrigerant coolant from the collecting tank. Power consumption: 0.75 kW, 380V, 50 Hz Productivity of 8m³ / hour. Head is up of 30 m.

Hot water tank pump

Hot water tank pump made for a circulation of hot water and feeding in to brewing part. Power Consumption: 0,75 kW,380V,50Hz. Productivity up to  4m³ / hour. Water pressure up to 40m.

Control panel №1 (brewing line)

Control panel №1 is intended for control of all brewing processes, namely: on/off engines of mash tun and lauter tun – whirlpool, wort pump and operation of refrigeration system in automatic mode. Device chassis is made of stainless steel. There are temperature control devices on the front panel: temperature control of mash tun , temperature of coolant (propylene glycol) and temperature of wort after colling. Also control panel №1 has two frequency converters – engine of wort pump and engine of lauter tun – whirlpool.


Boiler is intended for heating water to T = 78 ° C, which is used to cover the sieve before filtration in lauter tun (deaeration of space beneath the sieve) and washing of grains. The volume is 500 liters. Heating by TH (2 pcs. 4,5 kW each). Power consumption: 2.0 kW, 220 V, 50 Hz.

Plate heat exchanger

It’s double circuit plate heat exchanger. It is intended for cooling of wort before it pumping into CCT for fermentation. The cooling in the primary circuit is carried out with cold water and with the refrigerant in the second one.


Cylindrical-conical tank (CCT) is intended for fermentation and after-fermentation processes, and it also can be used as storage tanks for finished beer. It has a helical cooling system. Refrigerant - 40% propylene glycol. The device is thermally insulated with urethane plastic foam. Cylindrical-conical tank has a hatch in the upper cap. Temperature sensor is located in the cylindrical part. It also has 3 nipples – nipple for getting beer sample, nipple for dumping of yeast and nipple of CO2. On the CO2 nozzle is dowel machine with pressure gauge. At the top of the device is installed cleaning head (CIP). The working volume of the unit is 600 l, total - 710 l.

Control panel №2 (cylindrical-conical tank)

Control panel №2 (cylindrical-conical tank) is intended for automatic temperature control in CCT with the help of controllers that are located on the front panel. The framework of control panel is made of stainless steel. Power consumption 1.0 kW, 220V

Cooling unit

Cooling unit is intended for cooling of refrigerant solution, which cools is in turn the second circuit of heat exchanger and cylindrical-conical tank. Freon R134a kW is a compressor-condensing unit, mounted on the frame. It has all the necessary protection and automation systems: flow relay, pressure relay and crankcase heater.Power consumption: 2.8 kW, 380V, 50 Hz. Cooling capacity 5.6 kW

Mobile CIP-Unit

It is intended for CIP-washer for cylindrical-conical tank. Power consumption: 0.75 kW, 380V, 50 Hz. Capacity up 4m³ / hour. Head is up to 40 m.

Mini Lab and Brewer’s set

Mini Lab includes

  • refractometer
  • alcoholometer
  • dropper for iodine

The Brewer’s set includes:

  • Technological spanner for connecting thread
  • Ladle for sampling
  • Scoop for unloading the grains

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