About us

«Schulz» Company was founded in 1998 and started its activity in Kiev.

The name of the company corresponds to Heinrich Schulz, native German, who was the landowner and founder of first beer factory in Kiev in 1856. Eventually, the beer factory was closed as hopelessly outdated, but Schultz Company maintained the brand “Schulz” for the present generation.

Facts about the company:

  • Great-grandson of Schultz, George Jerogin, who lived in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the partners of the company
  • The company realized and put into operation more than 90 successful projects;
  • The availability of representations in Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan;
  • «Schulz» is exclusive specialized manufacturer of breweries in Ukraine with its own production base;
  • «Schulz» Company takes the leading position in Ukrainian market of brewing equipment since 2011;
  • Our breweries set not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in countries such as Georgia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Poland, and Canada.

Over the years, «Schulz» Company created a modern production in Kiev, where is the general office also. Representation in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan allow simplifying collaboration with clients in these regions. Each representation has the team of professional employees - engineers, technologists, managers and brewers. Individual approach and progressive attitudes allow the creation of modern and reliable brewing equipment.

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