Schulz’s Beer – 150 years in Ukraine!

продукты3The company "Heinrich Schulz" is pleased to announce that this year marks exactly 150 years since the moment when a live beer in Kiev was presented, which Johann-Heinrich Schulz - one of the last descendants of a dynasty of German brewers - began to cook at its plant.

Schulz's family owned brewery since 1865 when Johann-Heinrich Schulz leased and essentially reconditioned the plant. In the future development of the family business related with the name of Karl-Heinrich Schulz - son of Johann-Heinrich, who financed construction of breweries in Kiev which were united under the name of Karl Schulz's Brewery in 1886.

During Schulz's family management the power output grown in 50 times - from 12 thousand to 600 thousand buckets of beer per year in 1913 due to introduction of progressive for that time technological solutions (installation of two steam engines, electricity wiring)!

Later, in soviet times, this plant was known as the Kiev brewery №1. The beer connoisseurs talked about Schulz's brewery in those days: "The first is always the first." It is interesting to note that the beer produced following Schulz's recipe, was liked not only by the ordinary nationals, but party officials, who claimed to ensure its delivery to the Soviet Politburo and the government in Moscow.

Today, this tradition of live beer production is actively supported by the team of the "Heinrich Schulz" company. As a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of brewing equipment of various sizes - from small restaurant breweries to industrial mini-breweries with a solid power, "Heinrich Schulz" offering products that meet the highest European standards at highly affordable prices.имидж2

Since 2003, the team of "Heinrich Schulz" has commissioned 47 small beer production in Ukraine and has implemented more than 30 large-scale projects in the CIS countries, Europe and North America, reflecting the company's leading position in all markets submitted.

The key success factor of "Heinrich Schulz" is a high quality. The brewery projects are developed by the top-ranked German experts, and only the finest materials and components from leading European companies are used in the production. For example, in the manufacture of breweries Czech isolation valves are installed. Electrical equipment comes from Germany and South Korea, motor drives comes from Italy, and the brewery itself is made of a special Belgian stainless steel AISI 304 which is recommended for use in brewing. High quality of brewing tank surfaces and weld joints is achieved by the due attention to the final processing. Comprehensive processing of all surfaces contacting with the beer wort and finished beer prevents the accumulation and proliferation of bacteria in the micropores and microcracks.

The high quality of «Heinrich Schulz» equipment shows passed audit for compliance with the European directives on safety (EN ISO 12100: 2010, EN 60204-1: 2006 + A1: 2009), which is confirmed by a certificate of conformity issued by the German TUV and allows the company to place the CE mark labeling at its production.

In combination with the low price, due to the organization of production in Ukraine, as well as the implementation of the full range of work for installation, debugging, warranty service and maintenance of equipment, staff training, availability of flexible response to the diverse needs of customers, we can doughty say that the «Heinrich Schulz» brewing equipment is the best value for money product in the Ukrainian market for today.

Breweries, which is rightly proud of our customers and which certainly would be proud of one of the most prominent founders of Ukrainian brewing Karl-Heinrich Schulz.

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"Heinrich Schulz" is a high-quality brewing equipment, certified materials and components produced in Europe. Beer cooked on your own facility - it is always a guaranteed quality and the guarantee of the prosperity of your busiess.

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