“Schulz” company is №1 supplier of brewery equipment

The company "Schulz" is the only manufacturer of mini-breweries in Ukraine with its own production facilities and provides a full range of services for design, manufacture, supply of equipment "turn-key".

Since 2011, the company "Schulz" takes the leading positions at the Ukrainian market of mini breweries!

It is worth noting that following the results of operation for the past two years, the company has performed the production, supply and commissioning of more than 20 breweries:

1. The brewery "Schulz-1000", the Russian Federation, Perm city, March 2013;

2. The brewery "Schulz-300", Ukraine, Lutsk city, December 2012;

3. The brewery "Schulz-150", Ukraine, Kiev city, Heroev Oborony str., 8, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, December 2012;

4. The brewery "Schulz-300", Ukraine, Kiev city, metro st. Khreschatyk (pub "Porter"), December 2012;

5. The brewery "Schulz-500", Ukraine, Vinnytsa city, Shestysotlittya 60, opening December 2012;

6. The brewery "Schulz-500", Ukraine, Luhansk city, opening December 2012;

7. The brewery "Schulz-300", Ukraine, Kherson city, Gorkogo str. 32 (restaurant "Troyka"), September 2012;

8. The brewery "Schulz-300", Ukraine, Crimea, Evpatoria city, Frunze str., 1 (restaurant "Dulber"), June 2012;

9. The brewery "Schulz-150", Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih, June 2012.

10. The brewery "Schulz-500", Ukraine, Cherkasy city, Shevchenko blvd., 150 (restaurant-brewery "Oscar"), May 2012

11. The brewery "Schulz-150", Ukraine, Crimea, Ponizovka village, May 2012.

12. The brewery "Schulz-300", Ukraine, Kiev city, Heroyiv Dnipra str., 34 (pub "Porter"), April 2012;

13. The brewery "Schulz-1000", brewing line, Ukraine, Kharkov city, Heroyev truda str., 14 (restaurant «AltBier»), February 2012;

14. The brewery "Schulz-300", Ukraine, Kiev city, Konstantynivska str., 2A (the pub "Porter"), February 2012;

15. The brewery "Schulz-300", Ukraine, Sevastopol city, Lugova str., 12 (pub "Heinrich Schulz" Shopping mall "Apelsin"), February 2012

16. The brewery "Shultz-300", Ukraine, Kiev city, Konstantynivska str., 37 (restaurant "Proodimets"), October 2011.

17. The brewery "Schulz-150", Ukraine, Kiev city, Lugova str., 12 (pub "Munich" Shopping mall "Caravan"), September 2011.

18. The brewery "Schulz-200", Ukraine, Kiev city, Tulchinska str., 6 (industrial mini-brewery), August 2011;

19. Brewhouse of Brewery "Schulz-1000", Ukraine, Kiev city, Peremoghy square, 3 (restaurant-brewery "Schultz" Shopping mall "Ukraine"), July 2011;.

20. The brewery "Schulz-1000", Ukraine, Kiev city, Klemanska str., 5 (industrial mini-brewery of chain of pubs "Porter"), July 2011.

21. The brewery "Schulz - 500", Armenia, Yerevan city, December 2011.

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