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Thanks to the laws of physics, we live in a time when the products may preserve their qualities for years.

But in the race for sterility, we often forget the taste of natural ingredients. Today the "live" beer - is as rare as the pasteurized one 30 years ago. Therefore,

$ 100-300 thousand of Investments in the mini-brewery are paid off within 0.5-1.5 years.


The minimum area to accommodate a mini-brewery starts from 60 square meters. On this area, our experts can accommodate brewing equipment for the production of 500 liters per day. Typically, the set of equipment is provided with a decorative finish so that the brewery can be placed directly in the restaurant hall. Most commonly is used a copper cladding - it will give a special entourage to your institution.

It is important that the production facilities were located near the points of sale. Otherwise, your transportation costs will rise sharply and you will receive maximum level of the risk of delivering not the freshest drink (the shelf life of the fresh beer is no more than a week).

There are few formats of organization of the brewery. The first one: to brew hopped drink in a separate premises and deliver kegs of beer to pubs and beer restaurants. The main disadvantage of this format - the costs of organizing the marketing and the choice of optimal promotion channels. It is extremely difficult to find the way with your product at the right catering institution.

The fact is that in ordinary restaurants, beer consumption is low, and beer points want to sell products of the promoted brand. To negotiate with a particular institution may take months, or even years, and the market at this time does not stand still and fending off competitors will be much harder.

The complexity of the implementation of your own beer in another institution are also related to the fact that "non-promoted" drink has to compete with the untwisted local and international brands, as well as alcoholic beverages. In addition to transport costs for the transportation of such beer you will need to purchase kegs (one import keg costs about 60 USD).

The second format: to organize production directly at the sale point of the drink - in restaurants, clubs, etc. In this case,  the process of obtaining permits and approvals is greatly simplified. No need to spend money for the organization and delivery of beer sales in terms of implementation.

And finally, the third format: mini brewery can be placed in the mall, selling beer at the bar and packed drink - from supermarket shelves. This format will help to minimize the costs of packaging equipment, but you can pour beer in plastic bottles by hand. This option is most appropriate in terms of marketing, as a steady stream of people will be provided by Mall brand.

Documentation and equipment, repairing and equipping of the selected unit (obligatory equipment of facilities with good ventilation system, facing of the brewing and fermentation rooms, etc.), depending on its location, price of supplies and other can cost about $ 50-150 per 1 sq. m.

Our experienced brewers advise beginners not to neglect the coordination of all phases of reconstruction and repair works with the relevant bodies, so that later you do not waste time and money on fixing bugs. Ceiling height should be at least 2.75 meters, necessary to have power supply (380 V), water supply and sanitation. It is allowed to place the mini brewery only in industrial premises.

The "Heinrich Schultz" company undertakes the development of project documentation, certification testing of production, obtaining a certificate of compliance, developing of specifications, receipts and their registration. Obtaining the the approval of permits in sanitary, fire and other instances, depending on the presence or absence of the established contacts, may take 3-6 months.

Opening production at the restaurant, where the number of seats is no more than 100-120, you should not buy equipment, whose power exceeds 500 liters of beer per day. But a detached brewery, designed to service multiple points of sale, we recommend to equip with more powerful production.

The market offers a wide enough choice of mini breweries.

Equipment is produced in Ukraine and Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Increasingly, investors and restaurateurs of CIS trust their choice to "Henry Schultz." The quality of construction and design of our equipment is not inferior to foreign manufacturers, and the offer price is much cheaper.

Equipment for the mini-brewery of the "Heinrich Schultz" company (500 liters of beer per day) costs about $ 125 thousand, depending on the finishing and procurement. For comparison we provide the prices of similar breweries of foreign producers: Slovak mini brewery "Tehimpeks" (500 liters of beer per day) - starts from € 300 thousand. The complex of the Hungarian company "Agrometall" (250-300 liters per day) will cost € 400 thousand. The German equipment Kaspar Schulz is at least 30% more expensive than Hungarian.

The microbreweries kit includes: brew-house; secondary fermentation section; filtration section; grinding section, refrigerator compartment, console (s) box(es), supplementary technical equipment.

We always offer our customers drink recipes and raw materials for its production. However, is not a secret that the quality of beer depends on the experience of the brewer, who brews it. Therefore, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of such a specialist. In the cities with million plus population brewer with 5 years of experience earns about 1000 USD per month, and their assistants - from 250 USD per month. Be sure to ask for recommendations from your competitors from the last place of work. Reputation of the institution and the quality of its beer - plays a huge role in the selection of the candidate.

Raw Materials.

дегус 6 Imported raw materials are not cheap. Hop pellets costs from € 6 per kg, malt - from € 1.0 per kg. For comparison, the domestic malt costs € 0.45 / kg. Despite this, the Ukrainian mini-breweries prefer to brew beer from foreign malt and hops, explaining that the quality of beer brewed on imported raw materials is much higher than with domestic substitutes.

As for the water, the "Heinrich Schultz" company makes the analysis of water that will be used to make beer (must comply with the requirements of All Union State standard 2874-82 "Drinking water"), and under the results of the analysis recommends the appropriate equipment for its cleaning.

The brewing of 500 liters of beer on average requires 120 kg of malt, 0.9 kg of hops , about 1750 liters of water and 0.5 kg of dry brewing yeast or 5 liters of "liquid" yeast (cultivated in a brewery factories or your own laboratory).

The cost price of fresh beer brewed on our equipment ranges from 0,5-0,7 USD per liter. Prices for non-factory hop product in bars and restaurants is 2.3-3.0 USD per liter. As in Ukraine in high demand is a light (lager) beer, our experts advise to start production exactly with it. Over time, having matured the technology, you can expand the range of varieties to suit every taste.


по текстуThe highlight of the institution can become not only a rich aroma of "live" beer, but also the interior that reminiscent the kraft production. Therefore, usually digesters of microbreweries, located in restaurants or shopping centers, are declaratory covered with copper and installed behind a glass partition in full view of visitors. This creates an additional interest to the pub and attaches more and more followers  to the culture.

Moreover, restaurateurs often decorate rooms so that the situation gently reminded industrial production. Mini-brewers who can not sell beer brewed in-house restaurant, also find ways to develop an interest in the manufactured drink and its production in new fans. Some breweries, right in the institution decorate the hall in the style of a museum or exhibition of beer paintings.

Despite the conceptual format of your institution, at first you'll have to resort to marketing tricks and methods of sales promotion. The most running of them are "Glass as a gift", "Happy Hours" and "Discount on drinks “Take-away Beer." With the growth of the popularity of your institution, we recommend that you implement bonus cards and loyalty programs, which will be more effective in the long run.

Thus, the discovery of your own brewery is a laborious and capacious process. However, taking in consideration the trends in the development of this market, the payback period and high margins, this business is one of the most popular investments. The company "Heinrich Schultz" guarantees its customer care in all aspects of your brewing business, ranging from room auditing, finishing with the development of branded beer types.

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