IІ international business-conference “Mini-brewery plants and breweries for the restaurant business”

On March 1, 2013 The company "Heinrich Schulz" held the next International Business Conference: "Mini brewery plants and breweries for the restaurant business."
The main purpose of this event was familiarization of all interested persons in restaurant breweries with the process of manufacture of mini-brewery equipment ranging from 100 liters of finished beer per day to the breweries with productivity of 5 000 liters per day, demonstration of working brewery in the pub "Munich", familiarization with the process of beer brewing and Independent tasting of freshly brewed beer from breweries supplied by the Company " Heinrich Schulz."
The conference began with the welcome speech of the CEO of the company "Heinrich Schulz" Bakhrom Kalandarov who told us about the launch of manufacture of low-budget breweries with productivity of 100 and 200 liters, their profitability, technological characteristics of placement.
Further, the technical director of "Heinrich Schulz" and also specialist in the field of brewing - Myshenko Igor, presented to the conference participants the features of manufacture of mini-brewing equipment and kvass breweries, their set, and also told the brewing technology of beer beverage and kvass. After answering all arisen questions from participants, Igor conducted an excursion at the brewery "Heinrich Schulz" which is located in the pub "Munich" and all could taste freshly brewed beer straight from the CCT.
Beer tasting at the brewery gradually turned into a beer-break, during which Igor Korchagin - a specialist in Czech beer, provided the conference participants with opportunity to try their beer, brewed at own "Korchaginska" brewery. He told about the trend of development of beer brewing markets of Ukraine, Russia and the Czechia, and the Traditions of family brewing in Czechia, demonstrated his own book - the album-guide "Czech beer", which is dedicated to the Czechia, Prague, and the legendary drink, mini-breweries and brewery plants of Czechia.
Very interesting information contribution is made by Denis Korol - a specialist in the field of equipment for beer filling, who not only revealed all interesting information about systems of filling, supply to the bar and on tables, but also demonstrated the feeling of beer from kegs directly before the audience in the own filling plant.
At the end of the presentations and a lunch break, all conference participants started the Independent tasting of beer brewed with the equipment supplied by " Heinrich Schulz ". All conference participants were given tasting sheets, where they put scores for each beer indicator: color, clarity, foam retention, aroma, taste, aftertaste, hop bitterness, etc.
Started with a light beer, and a gold medal for a high quality of light beer got pizzeria «Aroma», city of Pryluky.
In the category for high quality of wheat beer the first position was held by the pub "Porter", in Kiev city.
In the category for high quality of dark beer first position was held by the restaurant "Troika", Kherson city.
The next conference the company " Heinrich Schulz" plans to hold at the end of April. This time, "The highlight of the conference" will be industrial breweries, their payback, sales systems.

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