І international business-conference “Mini-brewery plants and breweries for the restaurant business”

The main purpose of this event was familiarization of restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and others interested persons in the restaurant breweries with the process of manufacture of mini-brewing equipment, a demonstration of a working brewery, familiarization with the process of beer brewing and Independent tasting of freshly brewed beer from breweries supplied by the Company " Heinrich Schulz " to the cities of Kiev, Kherson and Kirovohrad.

The conference began with a presentation of the brewing equipment and familiarization with the process of beer brewing, which was held by Technical Director of the Company and brewer –technologist Igor Mishenko. Further, all conference participants got acquainted with the working brewery and were able to taste beer straight from the CCT.

The owner of the company "Heinrich Schultz", Kalandarov Bakhrom told the participants the investment program concerning the opening of the restaurant brewery, namely:

• the size and period of return of investments to the brewery;

• plan of cash flow and profit and loss plan;

• calculation of the production cost of 1 liter of beer;

• staffing schedule for service of brewery and the necessary payroll fund of employees;

• a list of the costs for production management.

Romashko Oleksandr, a deputy head of the department for industry solutions continued the conference. He presented to the participants the information about financial leasing of equipment from the leasing company of PrivatBank, explained the terms of leasing and openly provided the calculator of financial settlements.

After a square dinner........ Rostovtcev Valentin a representative of franchising company "Heinrich Schultz" in Moscow told about the perspective of cooperation of the company with small and medium-sized businesses concerning the opening of conceptual restaurants-breweries "Heinrich Schultz" on the basis of entrepreneurial franchising: "As part of this project investors interested to start own business in the area of foodservice, are offered to buy a restaurant franchise with a brewery "Heinrich Schultz ™», featuring a new restaurant concept of the production and consumption of beer in one place. This business has proven to be highly attractive to consumers and, consequently, the yield in European countries with a high culture of beer consumption, particularly in the Czechia and Germany". Also, Valentin told about the investment required for opening of restaurant, franchise value, the initial payment at the opening of the restaurant and the royalty rate.

At the end of all presentations we started Independent tasting of beer brewed with the equipment supplied by " Heinrich Schultz" in Kherson, Kirovohrad and Kiev. All participants were given tasting sheets, where they put scores for each beer indicator: color, clarity, foam retention, aroma, taste, aftertaste, hop bitterness, etc.

In the category for light beer the first position was held by the brewery "Heinrich Schultz" in Kherson city restaurant "Throyka";

In the category for wheat beer first position was held by the brewery "Heinrich Schultz" in Kiev city, the pub "Munich";

In the category for dark beer first position was held by the brewery "Heinrich Schultz" in Kirovograd city, "Brewery 0.5".

The following independence tasting is planned to be held in late winter, before the start of the summer season.

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