Heinrich Schulz Welcome Day

On the 5th of March 2015 Heinrich Schulz, ltd

has carried out Welcome Day

Leading manufacturer of brewing equipment invited more than twenty visitors from Ukraine and other countries. The event was carried out in the format of excursion to production facilities, reports and degustation of 10 craft beer brands. New craft beer brand was introduced to the audience as fresh brewed beer made using new type microbrewery “Schulz-50” which became the highlight of the Day.

The participants of the event duly appreciated processing base of the company familiarized themself with such technical innovations as machine tool for tanks inner surface polishing, self-designed energy efficient steam generator, malt mill and keg washing machine.

And it is not surprising that restaurant-keepers, investors and Craft beer shop owners were very interested with the reports, as the discussion was about cost of beer production, return on investments and other.

The highlight of Welcome Day was degustation of Craft beer. The visitors tasted 7 kinds of beer from various Schulz breweries installed in Ukraine and Russia.

There was also a surprise during the event. President  & CEO of the company Bakhrom Kalandarov organized the Fair with Gift Certificate for free “Become a brewery per One Day” training course draw.

Get started your brewing business today!


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