Фестиваль крафтовых пивоварен Craft Beer Fest

Pivovarennoye oborudovaniye Schulz brewery

SCHULZ Festival of craft breweries Craft Beer Fest Enjoy watching!

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Варка пива: все тонкости арт-процесса


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The Microbiology of Malting and Brewing


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«SCHULZ» – tailor-made solutions in the brewing


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The new European project of the company “SCHULZ” – Brewery Kiiski (Finland, Mäntsälä)

schulz brewery Year of opening: 2017 Brewery: 1000 liters of wort for brewing The volume of the fermentation unit: 2000l / 6pcs. Address: Mäntsylä town. Finland In the summer of 2017, a new project of SCHULZ company was successfully launched - Brewery Kiiski is the first brewery of industrial purpose in the Finnish city of Mäntsälä. Beer will be brewed on the equipment of our production capacity of 1000 liters of wort for brewing. How it all began? Two friends and a common passion for the brewing industry led to the opening of their own business. During the first dialogue it became

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Happy Easter!


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Do you wonder where and how to make beer?

шульц пивоварни

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Surface roughness of SCHULZ equipment


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The manufacturer of brewing equipment, the company “Schulz” launched a new brand – Simple Brew


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The brewer of the company “SCHULZ” in Sumy – “Kozatska brovarnya”

пивоваренное оборудов

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The new project of the company “SCHULZ” – in Kazakhstan


Starting: 2017 Brewery: 500 liters Fermetation: 10 Unitrans, 10hl Address: Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan Despite the fact that Kazakhstan has never been considered a beer country - the amount of craft breweries is rising permanently. Such growth is caused by a long work done, aimed at the recognition and popularization of craft beer in the country. Thus, in 2017, the growth of the beer craft beer market in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan activated. In November 2017, SCHULZ 500 was successfully launched. How it all began? In the summer, 2017 our company received a request from Petropavlovsk. At that time the customer already owned a

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The new project of the company “SCHULZ” – the craft pub “Le Rock”

le rock пивоварня

Year: 2017 Brewery: Schulz-500 Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank: 8 pcs  - 1000 l each In the summer of 2017 in the city Ternopil a new craft pub with the musical name "Le Rock" was opened. In the pub the Schulz-500 brewery is installed. Despite a short period of work - the pub already has a number of regular visitors, who are sure that the beer is fresh and high-quality. How it all began? At the end of 2016 our company received a request from Ternopil. During the first dialogue it became clear that the customer already has the pub to be

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The new project of the company “SCHULZ” – brewery “BalBeer”


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«Brovarnya na Hrushevskogo» – successes and achievements


In spring 2016 one of SCHULZ  projects - «Brovarnya na Hrushevskogo» (Brewery on Hrushevskyi street) was launched. This mini-brewery is installed in the restaurant in the Rivne city center. The beer is made using SCHULZ-500, according to original recipes under the trademark «Shvas Beer». Six beer types are made of Ukrainian and Czech ingredients, maturation period is up to 30 days: Pils Weiss Dunkel Ale Pilsner Special The restaurant has numerous long-term customers, who are sure in high quality product. Moreover, team from «Brovarnya na Hrushevskogo» regularly takes part in various beer festivals and gains prizes for high beer quality.

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“SD Brewery” – new privately owned broiler Zaporizhzhya

sdbrewery schulz

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The first course of the brewery on the basis of the company “SCHULZ” was completed successfully


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A new project of the company “SCHULZ” – a private brewery “Rising moon brewery”


In early March 2017, installation and commissioning of the new SCHULZ project were successfully completed. "Rising moon brewery" is a private brewery with a capacity of 1,000 liters of wort for brewing, where experienced cooking and staff training is currently taking place. How it all began? In May 2016, our company received an application from the Moscow region. During the first dialogue it became known that the customers showed a serious interest in the implementation of their project and already had a room for the brewery in a state of repair. The first meeting with the owner was in the

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The new project of the company “SCHULZ” – pub-brewery “Beer man bru” (Russia, Moscow)


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The company SCHULZ acted as a partner of the International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs


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On September 19-21, SCHULZ invites everyone to our booth in the frames of the exhibition “The industry of beer, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages”


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The company «SCHULZ» took part in the Moscow Brew Expo 2017 within the framework of the Big Craft Day


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The staff of the company “SCHULZ” expresses gratitude to all for congratulating us on the foundation day of our enterprise


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Representatives of the company “SCHULZ” took part in Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Festival

schulz lviv

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Features of SCHULZ equipment


Today the consumer wants only quality beer.  Restaurants with its own brewery will always be in great demand. When choosing a manufacturer of brewing equipment, everyone is faced with such issues as reliability level of the company, production time, pricing policy, observance of guarantee and post-warranty obligations. Our company has found a compromise of price and quality: manufacturing equipment according to European standards, but much lower in cost in connection with production capacities in the territory of Ukraine. Features of SCHULZ equipment: Wort boiling system using an external steam-steam generator source in brewing kettle; All containers are equipped with reliable

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Contract brewery «SCHULZ» now in Krakow


Have an idea of you own beer varieties, but you’ve got no equipment? - now it's not a problem. Manufacturer of brewing equipment «SCHULZ» has already finished the installation and commissioning works on installation contract brewery in Poland. The main purpose of its opening to allow each brewer realizes the most daring ideas. Furthermore in case of any questions you can always refer to the consultations of our experts. Components of the brewery include classic versions: brewing kettle (copper cladding), fermentation and after-fermentation compartment, additional equipment, semi-automatic control. Brewery capacity is 300 liters of wort per brew. “The opening of

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Another successful “SCHULZ” Company project – private brewery “Sternbier” in Zaporozhye


Year of opening: November 28, 2016 Brewery: 200 liters of wort per brew Number of CCT: 6 units - 460 l Address of institution: 12a Ladoga street, Zaporozhye, Ukraine Zaporozhye begins to develop crafting movement rapidly: SCHULZ Company implemented another project at the end of November 2016 - "Sternbier" – private brewery in Zaporozhye, capacity of 200 liters of wort per brew. How it all began? The owner dreamed about opening a pub in his city for a long time and started to realize his dream back in 2015. The first thing that interested the customer it’s the way of

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«Schulz» Company on Craft Winter Beers Fest


«Schulz» Company invites everyone to another themed craft beer festival - Craft Winter Beers Fest, which will take place 26 November. During the festival will be presented: craft beer of the most famous Ukrainian breweries, favorite hits and exclusive seasonal brewing. Representatives of our company will also be present at this event and will answer to all your questions. Organizers promise to not forget about the fans of lighter refreshing types of beer, although the advantage, of course, would be for the sturdy varieties. Also during the festival will run a lecture by Ukrainian Association of beer sommelier "Kiev Beer

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Support a bill about creation of a competitive environment for the development of small breweries!


February 24, 2016 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft Law of Ukraine on amendments to Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, cognac and fruit, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products" regarding the licensing of wholesale beer of people's deputy of Ukraine Drozdikov A. and other (number 4146). The bill number 4146 is designed to create a competitive environment for the development of small businesses, create new jobs, fight corruption and improve the investment attractiveness in this area. The project is set differentiated annual fee for a license for the

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We invite everyone to visit our stand at the exhibition “Industry of Beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages” which will take place September 21-23


For the first time within the exhibition "Industry of Beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks" Schulz Company will present: - Innovative single-vessel brewhouse - perfect solution for Craft Brewers; - Hopinator - the latest development of Schulz company's production engineers which intended for additional hopping of beer at the bar; - Hop Bomb - innovative equipment for private breweries. The novelty allows you to give extra flavor and aroma of beer, through a process of dry hopping. Schulz Company invites you to the exhibition Agroinkom, September 26, 2016 During the event all visitors can enjoy with author beer made on Schulz

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Beer bottling into bottles, kegs. Marking


The most important thing when bottling beer in bottles and kegs is to protect beer from contamination with yeast and prevent ingress of oxygen - these are two factors that will shorten the shelf life of beer. Bottling Bottling is the most convenient and cost-effective way to start for minibrewers.  Bottles are delivered by hand in the breweries, at an average rate of 80-100 bottles per minute. Filling in kegs Filling in kegs is another type of beer bottling. Kegging includes filling with carbonated, pasteurized keg beer from stainless steel or sterilized aluminum. Kegs made of aluminum are more popular

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What kind of water can be used for brewing?


It is believed that water is one of the main components of beer, so no wonder that its chemical composition became the subject of scientific study not only from the standpoint of impact on the palatability of the beverage but also in terms of impact on the livelihoods of the yeast and the process of fermentation of the wort. The most important thing is that the water does not contain contaminants and solids, otherwise it would constitute epidemiological threat to human. In other words, the water should be clean and suitable for drinking. Basic water requirements: - PH level (environment

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Bitterness and color of beer


Beer bitterness is generally measured in IBU (International Bitterness Unit) - international bitterness units. IBU shows the content of bitter acids in beer (ppm). Alpha and beta-bitter acids contained in hops impart the bitterness for beverage. Most beers have the bitterness within 20 IBU, as a rule, porters and stouts have the bitterness from 25 to 45 IBU, famous «Guinness» 49 IBU. Until recently, most bitter beer in the world was the American Devil Dancer Triple IPA, containing 200 IBU, but now this record is beaten. Not so long ago Englishman Peter Fowler brewed the beer, the bitterness of which

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Tips for Choosing a brewery


So, now that you have found the perfect room for your brewery, you must acquire brewing equipment and raw material for beer production. Let us consider the packaging brewery: Malt Mill - device for crushing malt Hot water tank - vessel containing water for beer is heated to mash temperature Mash Tun - device for mashing and boiling of wort grains Lauter Tank - huge vessel in which there is a filtration after the mashing Brewiing kettle – vessel made of stainless steel or copper is used for heating the wort Filter - removes solids from the beer Cylindroconical vessel

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«Schulz» and craft beer festival “Craft Depot Fest”


August 27 «Schulz» Company acted as a sponsor of the annual craft beer festival “Craft Depot Fest”. As part of the event was presented 40 of the best Russian and foreign breweries with those that are already working with our equipment among them, this brewery Heartly Brewery (Lipetsk) and Victory Art Brew (Ivanteevka), in particular. According to the portal Profibeer, we can confidently assert that despite the long queues, 66% of respondents liked the festival. Also pleased that all 89.5% of the respondents are planning to attend the festival in 2017. Respondents enjoyed most: The fact that it was open

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Selection of placement for your brewery


It is obviously that placement is obligatory in order to open brewery in the restaurant as well as in industrial applications. There are several things that need to be taken into account when looking for a place or a building for your brewery, including: Profitable location - proximity to potential customers and clients; Availability of parking and access to supplies; The amount of rent that you are able to pay, and whether it includes utilities; The amount you are willing to pay for the repair of the premises (if necessary); If the location is in the countryside, then whether there

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Craft movement in Ukraine


What situation we had quite recently? 90 percent of the beer market took a single variety in USSR – Zhigulevskoe, brewed at more than 700 plants throughout the Union. And that was in constant short supply, as are most goods. The situation was deplorable, not only in former USSR. The Western world has also been nearly deprived of choice and mostly drank Eurolager. But progress has come precisely from the West, primarily the United States: people tired of drinking primitive beer. There was no alternative at that time because of market captured by monopoly. People, who made beer at home,

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Heinrich Schulz will present the device for beer hopping at the International Forum of brewers and restaurateurs (Lviv, 15 September 2016)


What are the chances of survival for craft brewing in Ukraine? What has to be done for it? What’s the secret of successful brewery? Igor Mishchenko, brewer technologist of Heinrich Schulz Company will answer to these and other questions at the International Forum of brewers and restaurateurs (Lviv, 15 September 2016). In addition, Heinrich Schulz will present the innovative device «HOPINATOR» which is intended for optional beer hopping directly on the bar, during the bottling. The forum participants will learn about the features of using this innovative device. - It is logical to assume that the interest for craft a

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Heinrich Schulz – manufacturer of breweries, now in Kazakhstan!

Без имени-1

Heinrich Schulz Company, the leading manufacturer of brewing equipment, expands its geographical presence. The idea of opening a representative office in Kazakhstan has matured long ago. Active preparation for the event was carried out recent times - search facilities, personnel, etc. As a result, «Heinrich Schulz» Company opened its representative office in Kazakhstan on August 25, 2016. Headquarter of company is situated in Almaty, 211 Suyunbay avenue. "Office opening date is significant for us. Despite the difficult times for business, lot of problems, we did not even have doubts about the opening. We really wanted to simplify the process of

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Perfect craft beer by “Tzipa” – the first Hutsul brewery!


Hutsul craft brewery "Tzipa" - is one of the market leaders of Ukranian craft brewing . Brewing is a real art for leadership of "Tzipa”, they know how to brew the best beer which gives a delight with each sip. You have a great opportunity to observe the beer production process in “Tzipa”, because it’s clearly seen the “heart” of the brewery through the glass partition. The quality of beer guaranteed because of equipment and natural ingredients from German and Czech Republic, without pasteurization or preservatives. The brewery produces the following exclusive beer varieties: Special light Lager “White Tzipa” Dry

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How to start the own brewery? Learn all the secrets of brewing business

Без имеyни-1

Saying that beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world it’s saying nothing. It has become a symbol of plurality kinds of sports and favorite companion of most people. Everybody likes quality, fresh excellent taste beer, but even beer of reputable brands losing its true taste because of bottled downtime. That is why many restaurants and bars prefer to install their own brewery or purchase beer from private owners. Besides, small brewery can be arranged without particularly large expenditure. If you do decide to start beer production, you have to know the following things: Step 1.

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Analysis of brewing market


Analyze Your Market Performing market research will assist you in collecting accurate and specific information about your consumers and competitors, which is a critical part of the planning process. Consumer demands impact and direct all aspects of your business’ activities and can, ultimately, dictate the success or failure of your craft brewery. The tasks that should be completed when performing your market research include: Market Analysis – The goal of a market analysis is to determine the attractiveness of a market, both now and in the future. Entrepreneurs can evaluate the future attractiveness of a market by gaining an understanding

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Heinrich Schulz Company as a member of craft beer festival “Hoppy Fest”

Без имени-1

Company «Heinrich Schulz» excited to announce the first international craft beer festival in Ukraine - «Hoppy Fest», which is scheduled for 26-27 August and will take place in Ivano-Frankivsk. There will be more than 30 regional brewers and members from United States, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Poland. You can get detailed advice from our experts about brewing equipment and everything that is connected with brewing in addition to beer tasting. Also: Performances of music bands, DJ; Competitions for the participants and guests of the festival; Tasting more than 70 types of beer; - Sale of brand glass volume 0.33

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Develop Your Craft Brewery Idea, Research & Evaluate

фото 11

Now that you have a good understanding of craft brewing, you’re now ready to develop your craft brewery business idea and research and evaluate its potential for success. Some questions you may consider asking yourself while developing your craft brewery business idea include: What are my reasons / objectives for entering the craft brewing industry? What type of craft brewing operation (i.e. brew pub, microbrewery)? What form of ownership (i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership)? What will I name my craft brewery? Where do I want my brewery to be located? What size? What types of beer do I want to craft?

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Beer production process

Производство пива

Step 1: Choosing Malt. Aside from fresh water, the main ingredient in beer is barley. Malting companies take the barley and soak, germinate (sprout), then, dry or roast it to create what’s called “brewers malt.” Craft brewers can choose from several varieties to give their beer a particular colour and flavour. Step 2: Mashing Malt. Once at the brewery, the malt is coarsely crushed or milled to expose its starchy core but keep its husks whole, to allow these husks to act as a filter bed later in the process. The crushed malt or grist is mixed with heated, purified

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Price or Quality? How to choose the correct equipment?

mini-brewery mini brewery price buy mini brewery Brewery price private mini breweries price mini-breweries Buy mini brewery brewery Poland breweries Warszawa Price mini-breweries turnkey brewery Equipment for brewing Equipment makers (manufacturers breweries) Equipment for microbrewery brewing equipment Equipment for mini brewery Equipment for the production of beer

Real "Craft", author's beer, own recipes and only natural raw materials. These current brewing trends came to us from across the ocean. Each year the culture of beer consumption evolve rapidly in the CIS countries - the number of private breweries constantly increasing. You will never want to try again the “usual” beer if taste craft beer at least once. The Brewers repeatedly asking: “How to brew real craft beer? Which brewing equipment to choose, How to establish own craft mini brewery” People often asked us about it for 15 years of our work. Implementing the project, we provide complete package

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«Heinrich Schulz» Company at festival “Craft Depot Fest”

craft depo fest

“Crarft Depo Fest” is an annual craft beer festival that will take place in “Flacon” factory on August 27. 40 best Russian and foreign breweries will present more than 100 varieties of beer. Moreover: Fair of clothing & festival symbology Master classes American, Mexican and Belgian cuisine Topical musical program (Jaga Rock'n'Rolla, HULAHOOP, Folkline, City Pipes, Директор Азовского Моря, Каша, Easy M, Stream of Whiskey) «Heinrich Schulz» Company will act as a sponsor of the event, and we solemnly invite everyone. You can get detailed advice from our experts about brewing equipment and brewing generally in addition to a large

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Залог успеха «Victory Art Brew»

victory art brew мини-пивоварня мини-пивоварня цена купить мини-Броварпивоварню собственная мини пивоварня цена мини-пивоварни Купить мини-пивоварню Цена мини-пивоварни пивоварня под ключ оборудование для пивоварения производители оборудования Оборудование для минипивоварни пивоваренное оборудование Оборудование для мини-пивоварни Оборудование для производства пива

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Author beer varieties by HEINRICH SCHULZ

Авторские сорта пива от компании Heinrich Schulz

Author beer varieties by HEINRICH SCHULZ This season,  Heinrich Schulz Company released  craft beer line brewed according to own, unique recipess. Our brewers have experimented with a variety of  ingredients. Let’s consider each variety individually: 88/Leto v Krimy This variety extends beyond the basic ale styles. This variety was brewed by our brewers especially for the summer season, that’s why it has such name. This ale is incredibly soft, has low alcohol content, almost got no bitterness and fresh perfectly. Feel the real relax and enjoy the summer season completely with craft beer 88/Leto v Krimy by Heinrich Schultz. OG 12% IBU

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Beer punk revolution. BrewDog

Пивная панк-революция. BrewDog

Beer punk revolution. BrewDog Prerequisites for the "revolution" were classic: disagreement between the lower and upper classes. Two twenty-four years guys James Watt and Martin Dickie from Aberdeen tired from industrial lagers and stouts, which were common on UK market. They decided to change the situation themselves: took out loans in the bank, rented industrial building, and bought steel tanks. They began to brew beer and bottled it in April 2007. James and Martin initially sold beer at street fairs or from old wagon. A year later, the young brewers persuaded the bank to give them another loan for buying

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How was it? Craft Beer Party

Цена мини-пивоварни пивоварня под ключ оборудование для пивоварения производители оборудования Оборудование для минипивоварни пивоваренное оборудование Оборудование для мини-пивоварни Оборудование для производства пива

More than 10 breweries and over a hundred varieties of excellent craft beers greeted the guests at Craft Beer Party in Kharkov, July 23 Cloudy weather and a lack of the July sun not becomes an obstacle for true connoisseurs of beer author. Brewers across the country came to Kharkiv to show off the beer, to taste the beer of colleagues and, of course, take part in the competition for the title of the best breweries and the best beer. Each brewery represented several varieties of their own beer or amuse the audience with novelties, combinations of styles, flavors and

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