Develop Your Craft Brewery Idea, Research & Evaluate

Now that you have a good understanding of craft brewing, you’re now ready to develop your craft brewery business idea and research and evaluate its potential for success. Some questions you may consider asking yourself while developing your craft brewery business idea include:

  • What are my reasons / objectives for entering the craft brewing industry?
  • What type of craft brewing operation (i.e. brew pub, microbrewery)?
  • What form of ownership (i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership)?
  • What will I name my craft brewery?
  • Where do I want my brewery to be located? What size?
  • What types of beer do I want to craft?
  • What are my competitive advantages?
  • How will I promote my craft beer and brewery?
  • How do I want to package my beer?
  • Will people be willing to pay for my craft beer?
  • How does my craft beer fit within the industry? What is the potential for growth?
  • What financial resources are available? From who? How much? When?
  • How much will it cost to launch my craft brewery?
  • Where will I get my brewing equipment and supplies?
  • What government regulations is my craft brewery subject to?
  • What licenses and permits must I obtain?
  • What type of distribution system will I emply (i.e. direct, agents)?
  • What professional resources do I have (i.e. lawyer, accountant)? Still need?
  • Where can I find missing skills (i.e. brewmaster, engineer, etc.)



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