Heinrich Schulz – manufacturer of breweries, now in Kazakhstan!

Heinrich Schulz Company, the leading manufacturer of brewing equipment, expands its geographical presence. The idea of opening a representative office in Kazakhstan has matured long ago. Active preparation for the event was carried out recent times - search facilities, personnel, etc. As a result, «Heinrich Schulz» Company opened its representative office in Kazakhstan on August 25, 2016. Headquarter of company is situated in Almaty, 211 Suyunbay avenue.

"Office opening date is significant for us. Despite the difficult times for business, lot of problems, we did not even have doubts about the opening. We really wanted to simplify the process of communication with Kazakh customers, just like with Russian and we did it! " - says General Director of «Heinrich Schulz» Kalandarov B.I.

Now, starting of your own brewery business, that guarantees profits, recognition of beer connoisseurs, brew the most popular beverage in the world for classic and own unique recipes is not a problem anymore, because the experts of «Heinrich Schulz» Company are always nearby.

Get started your brewing business today!


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