Beer punk revolution. BrewDog

Beer punk revolution. BrewDog

Prerequisites for the "revolution" were classic: disagreement between the lower and upper classes. Two twenty-four years guys James Watt and Martin Dickie from Aberdeen tired from industrial lagers and stouts, which were common on UK market. They decided to change the situation themselves: took out loans in the bank, rented industrial building, and bought steel tanks. They began to brew beer and bottled it in April 2007. James and Martin initially sold beer at street fairs or from old wagon. A year later, the young brewers persuaded the bank to give them another loan for buying additional equipment for bottling. It was released the strongest beer in the UK - "Imperial Stout» Tokyo (18,2%), which caused a flurry of interest to BrewDog in the media. At the same time, the Portman Group, which is a kind of guardian of order, social responsibility and ethics in the UK alcohol industry, protested that such a strong alcoholic beverage sold in 0.33 liter bottles closed with conventional crown corks. Later, Portman Group has repeatedly tried to ban a particular product of BrewDog because of claims in advertising, promotion, labeling, and packaging. In fact, it is not surprising: language and images used by BrewDog borrowed from punk “Drink fast, live fast , go to sleep late, tear to shreds the empty streets” - it's about beer Dead Pony Club. Never mind the bollocks (the title of album punk band Sex Pistols) - it's about beer Punk IPA. This approach has borne fruit that is the fans not only in the UK but abroad also. BrewDog has become the largest independent brewing company after two years, and Punk IPA has become the fastest growing brand of alternative beer in the UK.  This year BrewDog launched a program crowd funding: Equity for Punks offered to buy share of the company online to everyone wishing. It brought investment from 1329 people. Equity for Punks II has brought about 5,000 shareholders and 2.2 million pounds and now it’s Equity for Punks III.

In 2009 it was brewed the strongest beer in the world at that time - Tactical Nuclear Pinguin (32%). Then there began a race - Skorshbrau produces 40% version Schorschbock; BrewDog - beer cold distillation The End of History (55%), which was not only the strongest beer in the world, but also the most expensive: from 500 to 700 pounds. Such price explained by the merger of beer art and craftsmanship - bottles were placed in a small stuffed animal, for example, squirrel.  There was issued 12 of these "artworks" and Edinburgh organization "Lawyers animals" called it perversion. Then, the title of strongest beer came back to Schorschbock (57.5%) and, finally, to Brewmeister Snake Venom (67.5%). However, BrewDog have something to surprise even without this title: they brewed beer on the ocean bottom, opened branded pubs in Scotland, and then in London, treated guests of bar in Edinburgh with Ghost Deer beer poured through the head a stuffed deer. Provocative marketing combined with the quality and originality of beer persistently promotes the company. BrewDog - the fastest growing company in Scotland. The old brewery premises became too small and retrained in the experimental workshop and the basic production "moved" to a new building, equipped with the most modern equipment in 2012.

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