Features of SCHULZ equipment

Today the consumer wants only quality beer.  Restaurants with its own brewery will always be in great demand. When choosing a manufacturer of brewing equipment, everyone is faced with such issues as reliability level of the company, production time, pricing policy, observance of guarantee and post-warranty obligations. Our company has found a compromise of price and quality: manufacturing equipment according to European standards, but much lower in cost in connection with production capacities in the territory of Ukraine.

Features of SCHULZ equipment:

  • Wort boiling system using an external steam-steam generator source in brewing kettle;
  • All containers are equipped with reliable insulation coating, heating and cooling jackets;
  • Propylene glycol is used in the cooling system of fermentation, after-fermentation units, as well as in a heat exchanger;
  • The containers can be installed in any premises: the breweries are mobile and can easily be re-installed to another location;
  • All containers are equipped with a CIP system for cleaning and disinfection to avoid the "human factor";
  • All equipment is made of food grade stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Pipelines for hanging the hob from polished stainless steel;
  • The process of brewing beer with SCHULZ equipment can be controlled by one brewer
  • Wort pump and filtration unit are equipped with a smooth speed control;
  • All devices of the fermentation unit are equipped with an individual system of multilevel automatic regulation and maintenance of the set product temperature;
  • Automation system of brewing and fermentation processes with the possibility of connecting with computer and controlling brewing using a computer;
  • Possibility of installation of single-vessel craft brewing kettle which completely replaces the standard complete set of cooking section by its design.

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