Another successful “SCHULZ” Company project – private brewery “Sternbier” in Zaporozhye


Year of opening: November 28, 2016

Brewery: 200 liters of wort per brew

Number of CCT: 6 units - 460 l

Address of institution: 12a Ladoga street, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Zaporozhye begins to develop crafting movement rapidly: SCHULZ Company implemented another project at the end of November 2016 - "Sternbier" – private brewery in Zaporozhye, capacity of 200 liters of wort per brew.

How it all began?

The owner dreamed about opening a pub in his city for a long time and started to realize his dream back in 2015. The first thing that interested the customer it’s the way of buying the raw materials, it cost and payback period of this business. The final decision to purchase brewery «Schulz-200" was taken in the summer 2016. At the time of contact with our company, the customer already had a working place called "Robin Bobin", which was renovated starting with the title and finishing the repair. Today it is a private brewery "Sternbier", with everything you need for a perfect pastime: excellent cuisine, great beer and wonderful atmosphere. Comfortable interior fulfilled in the style of an old tavern, where you can spend time with friends, enjoying the excellent foamy drink under the crackle of burning wood - one of the rooms is equipped with a fireplace.



Сomplement includes classic versions: brewing kettle, fermentation and after-fermentation sections, additional equipment. The brewery is controlled with the help of semi-automated remote. In early September, the equipment has been successfully delivered to the client, after which was carried out installation supervision, commissioning, testing and training from our brewers. The official opening has occurred on November 28, 2016. The project in Zaporozhye is an example of turning the dream into business.

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