The new project of the company “SCHULZ” – in Kazakhstan

пивоварня800х250ююStarting: 2017
Brewery: 500 liters
Fermetation: 10 Unitrans, 10hl
Address: Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan
Despite the fact that Kazakhstan has never been considered a beer country - the amount of craft breweries is rising permanently. Such growth is caused by a long work done, aimed at the recognition and popularization of craft beer in the country. Thus, in 2017, the growth of the beer craft beer market in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan activated. In November 2017, SCHULZ 500 was successfully launched.
How it all began?
In the summer, 2017 our company received a request from Petropavlovsk. At that time the customer already owned a five-storey building, which was previously used as a flouring mill A restaurant with own brewery was planned. The most interesting fact was that according to the plans the building will be used not only as a pub, but at the same time it will become a museum, which reflects merchant history of Petropavlovsk. The project itself was implemented in a fairly short period of time: from the customer's first application to the conclusion of the contract, only 2 months passed - and already in late autumn it was successfully launched.
The complete set includes a classical version of performance: semi automated brewhouse (copper clad), fermentation and maturation period, additional equipment. In the beginning of November the equipment was successfully delivered to Petropavlovsk, after which installation, commissioning, pilot brewings and staff training were carried out.

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