The new project of the company “SCHULZ” – the craft pub “Le Rock”

le rock пивоварня

Year: 2017

Brewery: Schulz-500

Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank: 8 pcs  - 1000 l each

In the summer of 2017 in the city Ternopil a new craft pub with the musical name "Le Rock" was opened. In the pub the Schulz-500 brewery is installed. Despite a short period of work - the pub already has a number of regular visitors, who are sure that the beer is fresh and high-quality.

How it all began?
At the end of 2016 our company received a request from Ternopil. During the first dialogue it became clear that the customer already has the pub to be opened soon. The brewery should have been the part of the pub.As there was no pubs with own breweries in Ternopil, «Le Rock» owner decided not to waste time and applied to SCHULZ Company for help to carry out the  project.


Complement includes classic versions: brewing kettle, fermentation and after-fermentation sections, additional equipment. The brewery is controlled with the help of semi-automated remote. In June, the equipment has been successfully delivered to the client, after which was carried out installation supervision, commissioning, testing and training from our brewers.

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