The new European project of the company “SCHULZ” – Brewery Kiiski (Finland, Mäntsälä)


Year of opening: 2017

Brewery: 1000 liters of wort for brewing

The volume of the fermentation unit: 2000l / 6pcs.

Address: Mäntsylä town. Finland
In the summer of 2017, a new project of SCHULZ company was successfully launched - Brewery Kiiski is the first brewery of industrial purpose in the Finnish city of Mäntsälä. Beer will be brewed on the equipment of our production capacity of 1000 liters of wort for brewing.
How it all began?
Two friends and a common passion for the brewing industry led to the opening of their own business. During the first dialogue it became known that customers already have experience in brewing - they were engaged in beer production for four years at home and dreamed of translating such a hobby into business. At the end of March 2017, a meeting was organized in the Kiev office, as a result of which a contract was signed for the supply and installation of the Schulz-1000 brewery with 6 CKT. According to customers, the implementation of the first beer is planned for August 2017.
The kit includes a classic version: brewing order (stainless steel lining), separation of fermentation and after-fermentation, auxiliary equipment, semi-automated control. At the end of June, the equipment was successfully delivered to Mäntsälä, after which installation, commissioning, test brewing and personnel training by our brewers were carried out.

The customers had only positive emotions from cooperation with the company "S-BREWERY": the equipment works as it should, installation and experimental brewing of beer were held at a high level. At the end of August they are waiting for our employees at the Finnish beer festival.

Start your brewing business today - until someone else did it!

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