Craft movement in Ukraine

craft-beerWhat situation we had quite recently? 90 percent of the beer market took a single variety in USSR – Zhigulevskoe, brewed at more than 700 plants throughout the Union. And that was in constant short supply, as are most goods. The situation was deplorable, not only in former USSR. The Western world has also been nearly deprived of choice and mostly drank Eurolager. But progress has come precisely from the West, primarily the United States: people tired of drinking primitive beer. There was no alternative at that time because of market captured by monopoly. People, who made beer at home, began get united, to brew beer for their pub or even town as well as launch small breweries in their establishments. Then this wave has swept the UK (Scotland primarily) and other European countries. Today, there is a boom in Ukraineand not only in Kiev and Lviv, but in small towns also.

What are the features of craft beer?

Craft it is always an experiment. Today you have tried some sort, and it may not be for tomorrow, because the brewers will do something new. It is constant movement. You can taste a typical beer after ten years. Craft works differently: it is used to be discussed, argued, and compared. The rapid development is one of the features craft market. The things that were cosmic explosion a year ago wright now is passed and outdated.

Craft "boom" in Ukraine

There are a lot of buyers despite the fact that the author's beer is always a little more expensive than typical. There are more and more establishments with brewery in Ukraine. We cannot ignore the fact that Ukrainian brewing tradition does not lag behind the global. Beer events began to gain popularity in Ukraine, such as: «Hoppy Fest» (Ivano-Frankivsk), Craft Beer Party (Kharkiv), beer festival in Lviv and others, where you can always try the latest craft beer varieties.

We are lucky ones because we live in an amazing era of craft movement. We have access to unique beers such as pumpkin ale (beer, aged in barrels of bourbon or wine spirits varieties), Australian beer with wild hops (foamy drink with an extreme level of bitterness, which is teetering on the edge of human sensitivity). And that’s all is the world of craft beer.

Get started your brewing business today!


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