Contract brewery «SCHULZ» now in Krakow


Have an idea of you own beer varieties, but you’ve got no equipment? - now it's not a problem. Manufacturer of brewing equipment «SCHULZ» has already finished the installation and commissioning works on installation contract brewery in Poland. The main purpose of its opening to allow each brewer realizes the most daring ideas. Furthermore in case of any questions you can always refer to the consultations of our experts.

Components of the brewery include classic versions: brewing kettle (copper cladding), fermentation and after-fermentation compartment, additional equipment, semi-automatic control. Brewery capacity is 300 liters of wort per brew.


“The opening of second contract brewery it is one of the proofs our company's rapid growth” - comments Bahrom Iskanderovich, General Director of «SCHULZ» company.

Geographically, the brewery is located in Krakow

Contract brewery «SCHULZ» gives you the opportunity to:

  • realize your own beer varieties
  • be recognized of true beer connoisseurs
  • being satisfied with brewing the most popular beverage in the world, brewed according to classic and own unique recipes.

Completion date: 31.12.2016

The next step - getting all permits. Keep track of further developments in our blog!


Get started your brewing business today!


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