We invite everyone to visit our stand at the exhibition “Industry of Beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages” which will take place September 21-23

For the first time within the exhibition "Industry of Beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks" Schulz Company will present:

- Innovative single-vessel brewhouse - perfect solution for Craft Brewers;

- Hopinator - the latest development of Schulz company's production engineers which intended for additional hopping of beer at the bar;

- Hop Bomb - innovative equipment for private breweries. The novelty allows you to give extra flavor and aroma of beer, through a process of dry hopping.

Schulz Company invites you to the exhibition Agroinkom, September 26, 2016

During the event all visitors can enjoy with author beer made on Schulz equipment, as well as get a nice discount for equipment!

See you at the exhibition Agroinkom 2016!
From 21 to 23 September
Stand 31

2-B Salyutna str.
"Expoplaza", Kiev

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