” Schultz” Company will teach you and your employees with the art of brewing.

пивовар пивоварня обучение

Dreaming about career as a brewery owner? Breweries of "Schultz" Company it’s exactly what you need. But the availability of brewing equipment it’s not all necessary point, you also need to possess the knowledge and skills of brewing. If you do not have such skills, then experienced technologists and brewers of "Schultz" Company will provide complex of services for learning and practice the acquired knowledge on high-quality brewing equipment.

A high professional level of specialists of "Schultz" Company ensures reliable level of training of your brewing skills. Our experts will teach you the basic aspects of brewing and will demonstrate in practice all the nuances of this process. Services of our employees also include training of brewing equipment operation and the basic nuances in the selection of raw materials for beer production. Also, you will get a various craft beer recipes. And of course, our experts will teach you how to determine the quality the ingredients and the finished product.

"Schultz" company defines a specific approach for each client, considering all his wishes. Long-term experience of brewers and technologists of "Schultz" Company also includes the exchange of knowledge with global leaders in the field of brewing, such as Czech, German and other brewers.

"Schultz" Company it’s the best choice of your ideas implementation. Contact our experts and they will consult you and choose the most suitable version of your business ideas realization.

Brewing equipment from "Schultz” Company, training of it operation and aspects of brewing – it’s the key to your success and a thriving business. You can always enjoy with excellent craft beer and share a nice friendly atmosphere with your guests.

Get started your brewing business today!


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