«Heinrich Schulz» Company at festival “Craft Depot Fest”

“Crarft Depo Fest” is an annual craft beer festival that will take place in “Flacon” factory on August 27. 40 best Russian and foreign breweries will present more than 100 varieties of beer.

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  • Fair of clothing & festival symbology
  • Master classes
  • American, Mexican and Belgian cuisine
  • Topical musical program (Jaga Rock'n'Rolla, HULAHOOP, Folkline, City Pipes, Директор Азовского Моря, Каша, Easy M, Stream of Whiskey)

«Heinrich Schulz» Company will act as a sponsor of the event, and we solemnly invite everyone. You can get detailed advice from our experts about brewing equipment and brewing generally in addition to a large number of beer tasting. The brewers who already use the equipment of our production will be presented among the participants, “Heartly Brewery” (Lipetsk) and Victory Art Brew (Ivanteevka) in particular.

The participants of Craft Depot Fest:

  1. Heartly Brewery (Lipetsk)
  2. Gletcher Brewery (Klin)
  3. Knightberg (St. Petersburg)
  4. Victory Art Brew (Ivanteevka)
  5. Los Pivnos (Kostroma)
  6. Konix (Zarechny, Penza region)
  7. Mikkeler (Denmark)
  8. Vasileostrovskaya brewery (St. Petersburg)
  9. Side Street Brewery (Moscow)
  10. CLUTE (Yaroslavl)
  11. New Riga's Brewery (Leshkovo, Moscow region)
  12. First Federation will present KONA Brewing Co, FIRST'S and St. Feuillien (St. Petersburg)
  13. Volkovskaya Brewery (Mytischi , Moscow region)
  14. Alchemist Brew Lab (Moscow)
  15. Craft Brew Riots (St. Petersburg)
  16. Braufactum (Germany)
  17. ROUGE (US)
  18. Brewery Gubakha (Perm)
  19. Solodovarnya 1516 (Moscow)
  20. Zavod Brewery (Khimki)
  21. 5 OCEAN (Mytishchi)
  22. ID Jons (Moscow)
  23. Labeerint Brewery (Obninsk)
  24. Jopen Brewery (Netherlands)
  25. BREWLAB (Voronezh)
  26. Siren Craft Brew (UK)
  27. HopHead Craft Brewery (Saint-Petersburg)
  28. Wild Beer (United Kingdom)
  29. Augustine Brewery (Tula)
  30. Panzer Brewery (Moscow)

We are all very pleased that our customers have the opportunity of participation in such events.

Contacts: “Flacon” Factory

36 B. Novodmitrovskaya str., Moscow

From 12:00-23:00

Get started your brewing business today!

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