Choosing the type of beer

What is beer?

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Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar. Beer gets its flavor due to hops, which gives it a bitter taste and it is also a natural preservative. Also, variety of herbs and fruits can impart the additional notes in the aroma of beer.

Amazing varieties of craft beer brewed at micro and mini breweries. Recently there has been tendency of increase the popularity for craft beer’s demand. Many entrepreneurs can afford purchase mini brewery and set it in a restaurant, pub, bar, etc., thereby selecting the right course for a successful implementation of business ideas.

What kinds of beer are there?

Today there is a wide selection of different types of beer (about 65 worldwide). Many retailers offer beers segmented by country, by brand and, then, by style — making it almost impossible to shop for a specific style of beer. The following information has been included to help you better identify the different beer styles:

Lager – A lager is pale, crisp, dry and refreshing. Lager yeast is a cool, bottom-fermenting yeast and is fermented for a much longer period and at a lower temperature than ales. Pale lagers are the most commonly consumed beers in the world.

Pilsner – Pilsners have a familiar, golden colour and notable hop accent. Even though pilsners and lagers are both bottomfermented, you can rely on a difference in tastes to help distinguish between the two.

Ale – In ales, you will find much more flavourful beer with strong, individual personalities. Many of them will have fruity, herbal or spicy characteristics. Ales use top-fermenting yeasts that do not require the refrigeration that other yeasts do.

Pale Ale – Pale ale is a beer which uses top-fermenting yeast and, predominately, pale malt. Pale ales may range in colour from golden to deep amber and were named pale ales because they were much lighter in colour than the dark porters and stouts that preceded them. Pale ales are more highly-hopped, lightly-carbonated and robust. Pale ales pair perfectly with strongly spiced foods and are one of the world’s major beer styles.

Porters & Stouts – Dry or sweet, flavoured with roasted malt barley, oats or certain sugars, stouts and porters are characterized by darkness in colour and rich, roasted malt flavour. Porter is ale brewed with a special combination of malts to create a heavier flavour, aroma and colour. To complement this heavier flavour, porters have a fuller body and a slightly sweeter taste. There are a number of variations of porters and stouts, including Baltic porter, dry stout and Imperial stout.

Wheat Beer – Wheat beer often has an unfiltered, pale and hazy appearance because of the type of yeasts used. Wheat beer is usually top-fermented and has a wide-range of flavours as a number of spices are used in the brewing process. As the name indicates, a wheat beer is brewed with a large proportion of wheat and malted barley.

Analyzing the beer market, the entrepreneur who has ideas for the implementation of the brewing business will be able to make the obvious conclusion that purchasing mini brewery for own establishment do not amount to huge costs and in turn will be a great step towards the successful implementation of his ideas. Think about purchasing brewing equipment today.

Get started your brewing business today!


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