Beer consumption in Ukraine. Infographics

What and how much do Ukrainians drink? Is that true that men drink more beer than women? Where do they do it? We decided to find out about Ukrainian beer consumers.

It is not a surprise that men drink more beer than women.


As we can see preferences of various beer consumers with different average income more or less equal. But some difference is visible: the more man earns, the more beer he drinks.


Most of adult Ukrainians drinks alcohol. But they have different preferences. Some prefer only one kind of beer, other like few type of drinks..


Moderation I drinking - pledge of health.


Beer it is not only a favorite drink but also a tradition to gather with friends.  We decided to find out where do Ukrainians prefer drinking beer.


Contrary to established opinion Ukrainians drink not very much beer. Ukraine takes last places in beer consumption in Europe. Only “Traditional Wine” countries like Greece or France drink less beer.


Some information about fabulous “beer alcoholism”. Some “yellow pages” write articles about this problem. The best weapon against this myth are facts and numbers.


And the price which are always rising.


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