Perfect craft beer by “Tzipa” – the first Hutsul brewery!

13879396_312241179109077_2985754536982443834_nHutsul craft brewery "Tzipa" - is one of the market leaders of Ukranian craft brewing . Brewing is a real art for leadership of "Tzipa”, they know how to brew the best beer which gives a delight with each sip. You have a great opportunity to observe the beer production process in “Tzipa”, because it’s clearly seen the “heart” of the brewery through the glass partition. The quality of beer guaranteed because of equipment and natural ingredients from German and Czech Republic, without pasteurization or preservatives.

The brewery produces the following exclusive beer varieties:

  • Special light Lager “White Tzipa”
  • Dry stout “Black Tzipa”
  • «Smoked Tzipa" - beer with malt Rauchbier;
  • Carpathian Ale with mountain herbs “Tzipa with herbs”
  • “Mountain Tzipa” – experimental beer with unique mountain ingredients


Carpathian Hutsul beer is boiled with water from a local source of high-altitude, without subjecting it to special treatment. Therefore, we can safely assume that "Tzipa" carries the energy of the Carpathian nature. Also, a local craft regularly enriched with original Hutsul accents, such as bilberry, Carpathian herbs or spruce twigs.

The brewery been opened in 2015 in the village of Kvasy, Zakarpattia region - picturesque place of Carpathians. Productive collaboration of "Heinrich Schulz" Company and brewery "Tzipa" gives the opportunity to taste the delicious and high-quality beer for everyone. Currently, brewery "Tzipa" has regular customers, both in the Carpathians and in Ukrainian capital.

We are very pleased that our customers are able to realize their dreams and achieve such results!

Get started your brewing business today!


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