Heinrich Schulz will present the device for beer hopping at the International Forum of brewers and restaurateurs (Lviv, 15 September 2016)

What are the chances of survival for craft brewing in Ukraine? What has to be done for it? What’s the secret of successful brewery? Igor Mishchenko, brewer technologist of Heinrich Schulz Company will answer to these and other questions at the International Forum of brewers and restaurateurs (Lviv, 15 September 2016). In addition, Heinrich Schulz will present the innovative device «HOPINATOR» which is intended for optional beer hopping directly on the bar, during the bottling. The forum participants will learn about the features of using this innovative device.

- It is logical to assume that the interest for craft a beer in Ukraine, in the near future, will take shape of steady trend and adopt by all creative or commercial manufacturers of this beverage. It is possible that we will have such a wave of "craft" beer very soon, the scope of which will be envied even foreign neighbors - claims Igor Mishchenko.

Heinrich Schulz Company is a well-known manufacturer of brewing equipment and breweries. In addition, Heinrich Schulz has placed an experimental mini-brewery at own production capacities, and embodies the most daring and sometimes unexpected experiments with it. Second International Forum of brewers and restaurateurs which will take place September 15-16 in Lviv. It will be the main event of this autumn for the representatives of the brewing business. The forum will bring together successful brewers from all over Ukraine, representatives of the leading companies that supply raw materials and ingredients for beer production, producers of equipment and packages for breweries. The international project "Drinks. Technology and Innovation " is the organizer of the event.

Forum participants will learn the secrets of beer production with unique character, as well as world’s technology innovations that will help brewers to produce a high quality product.

The organizers will hold a closed craft beer degustation competition "Eyes on the best 2016", which will help to determine the best beer samples. The excursion to the famous Lviv brewery "Kumpel Group" and the presentation of beer menu from Galician cuisine restaurant "Golodniy Mykola» will be the part of the program. The highlight of the forum will be the tour "Restaurants Lviv" from Portal Restaurant NEWS EU - the media partner of the Forum. More than 60 breweries and restaurants have already expressed their desire to take in the forum, but it’s expected about 150 participants.

Technology Partners: «Donau Lab», «A-Profi», Heinrich Schulz, "Buhler" Company, LLC "Hopshtayner Ukraine".

Location: Lviv professional college of hotel-tourist and restaurant service (36 Ivan Pulya  str.,Lviv), Galician cuisine restaurant "Golodniy Mikola", "Kumpel Group" (352, Striyskaya str., Lviv)

The main business partner: "Kumpel Group" and Galician cuisine restaurant "Golodniy Mikola"

General Law Partner: Patent Law Firm "Pakharenko and partners."

Exclusive media partner: «Beer Box» magazine.

Exclusive Business Partner: International exhibition project Brau Beviale 2016 and 2017 Beviale Moscow.

Media Partners: TV channel "Purshia Zahіdny" Vodka redaktor, Restaurant NEWS EU, "Academy of Hospitality" magazine, public journalism site "Colon", Buziness Zavarnik portal, advertising and information agency "MediaCompass Ukraine".

The main media partner and forum organizer: International specialized project "Drinks, Technology and Innovation", with support of the Craft Brewers Guild of Ukraine.

Follow the information on techdrinks.info.  and on the official website forum.techdrinks.info.

Registration of participants:

Elena Sydy - tel .: +38 (068) 046 29 85

Marina Radchik - tel .: + 38 (068) 424 21 80

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