«Schulz» and craft beer festival “Craft Depot Fest”


August 27 «Schulz» Company acted as a sponsor of the annual craft beer festival “Craft Depot Fest”. As part of the event was presented 40 of the best Russian and foreign breweries with those that are already working with our equipment among them, this brewery Heartly Brewery (Lipetsk) and Victory Art Brew (Ivanteevka), in particular.

According to the portal Profibeer, we can confidently assert that despite the long queues, 66% of respondents liked the festival. Also pleased that all 89.5% of the respondents are planning to attend the festival in 2017.

Respondents enjoyed most:

  • The fact that it was open air festival – 72,9%
  • Beer Selection - 50.6%
  • Location - 50.6%
  • Communication with the Brewers - 42.4%
  • Selection of musical performers - 31.8%
  • Cuisine - 15.3%
  • Prices - 12.9%


The organization of such events provides an opportunity for all participants to share their experience in the brewing business, and get a lot of pleasure from what is happening. In particular, we are all very pleased that our customers have the opportunity to successfully participate in such events.

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