Bitterness and color of beer

Beer bitterness is generally measured in IBU (International Bitterness Unit) - international bitterness units. IBU shows the content of bitter acids in beer (ppm). Alpha and beta-bitter acids contained in hops impart the bitterness for beverage. Most beers have the bitterness within 20 IBU, as a rule, porters and stouts have the bitterness from 25 to 45 IBU, famous «Guinness» 49 IBU. Until recently, most bitter beer in the world was the American Devil Dancer Triple IPA, containing 200 IBU, but now this record is beaten. Not so long ago Englishman Peter Fowler brewed the beer, the bitterness of which is equal to 323 IBU. It took two years to brew the bitterest beer in the world. When making The Hop (the name of the beer), he used the extra special bitter hop varieties - Chinook», «Centennial» and «Simcoe», also a special hop extract was added - «Isolone». However, according to masterpiece author, he can drink no more than half a glass, bitter aftertaste of the beverage held in the mouth as much as four hours.

The range of beer colors is endlessly wide. Deep black color Irish stout with white foam, copper-rich shade of Pale Ale and pale turbidity of Bavarian wheat are some examples of the color gamut of beer variety.

Scale of beer color in accordance with the European Brewery Convention (EBC):


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