Craft Beer Party Kharkiv. July 23 2016, in Kharkov

Craft Beer Party Kharkiv

Craft beer party харьков

Festival for fans of crafting beer Craft Beer Party will be held the July 23 2016, in Kharkov. Heinrich Schulz company will represent self products as one of the participants.

During the degustation everyone can try diversity and richness of craft beers, enjoy the abundance of flavors and fragrances, as well as all sorts of beer snacks from the best chefs.

Heinrich Schulz Company also provides some author beers, brewed on equipment of its own production, which you can enjoy on our degustation.

If you are a beginner brewer, you will surely enjoy one of the highlights of the festival - a master class of brewing. You will be able to communicate with both the novice brewers and masters, share your own experiences, as well as enrich your knowledge with new and unique recipes, and other nuances of the brewing industry.

Specialists of Heinrich Schulz Company will gladly share with many secrets of recipes, as well as aspects of the brewery craftsmanship in general.

In addition to the main theme of the festival, visitors can take part in all sorts of outdoor activities, accompanied by pleasant music, which further enrich your pastime at the event.

We recommend to visit this event both for beginners and experienced brewers and connoisseurs of wonderful drink - beer crafting.

Enjoy an abundance of varieties and flavors of author beer by various representatives of the brewing art, enrich your knowledge and experience learning a lot by communicating with brewing masters, and just spend your time with pleasure!

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