Beer consumption in Kazakhstan

Пиво пивоварня казахстан астана пивоваренный

In recent years there is a tendency of increasing demand for beer consumption among the residents of Kazakhstan: Astana especially, it opens more and more establishment with installed "turnkey" brewery. Such growth caused not only by an increase in the number of consumers, but also expansion of assortment, increases the level of consumer demands in the field of beer quality, exterior design and prestige of a brand. Having made the decision to buy a brewery in Astana, every owner of establishment not only refreshes its original appearance, but also makes the first step to getting a good profit. Besides, everyone knows that beer produced at breweries in Kazakhstan has great taste, because it is brewed according to unique recipes. Moreover, Kazakhstan's beer is known for its high quality, which is why it has a high popularity, if not abroad, in Russia, in Ukraine and other former union republics precisely.

The most popular beer production company in this country is considered to Karaganda Brewery, beverage production of which began in 1958 and continues to the present. This brewery produces such beers as "Karagandinskoe temnoe" and "Karagandinskoe svetloe". Incidentally it is these varieties are collected the highest number of awards, "Krestianskoe", "Shahterskoe" and many others. More recently, the shareholders of the plant were the representatives of the company "Efes" which predicts for the Kazakh beer has broad prospects in the world. Moreover, every year there are more and more modernized breweries in Astana, which allows brew only quality beer and make a truly unique beverage. In general, beer in Kazakhstan - is an important thing for the people, the more it so proudly claims itself is not the first year. The consumption of beer in Kazakhstan exceeds Kyrgyzstan. It is also often hold special beer events, which serve as a kind of advertising for the familiar drinks, and new varieties. Moreover, beer production plants in Kazakhstan arrange excursions to production, where anyone can see the working process of brewery. Of course no one sees the process of beer production and process of mixing of the ingredients, because everyone should have his own secret, but the main points of the manufacture of beer is required to be able to spy.

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