5 steps of cooperation. SCHULZ

Steps of cooperation with «Schulz»!

Any man can do what another man has done. This thesis should be understood as follows: there are no voodoo and magic in our production. Success of brewing equipment production depends on the quality of components, the level of personnel’s competence, and comprehensive campaign to the customer. In our understanding, a comprehensive approach to our customers means that they do not have to go anywhere else for additional services: whatever it takes, we will do it ourselves. Our cooperation with you is made up of the following stages:

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Step 1: Preparation of project’s implementation. At this stage, we discuss with you the requirements, wishes and features about the brewery, spend calculation of your project’s recoupment and discuss all the details (implementation time, delivery options and payment). As a result, we sign the contract;


Step 2: Production of the brewery. The process takes from 30 days to 2 months, brewery can be produced in an earlier date depending on the pre-agreed arrangements, or its creation may take a longer period if it’s necessary. But in any case, we provide the equipment in time;


Step 3: Delivery. Delivery of brewery from the place of production to the place of its operation takes an average about 10 days. We have established relations with transportation companies and always offer the best options for delivery.


Step 4: Installation. One of the most important steps of cooperation is a full range of services needed to run the equipment into operation (installation time depends on the amount of equipment). You can select "Installation turnkey" completely carried out by our experts, or "installation supervision" - carried out by your experts under the guidance of our employees; Commissioning, initial operation, brewing. The process takes about 10 days and is carried out by experienced technologists and brewers; Training of personnel. Training takes place, starting from the first day of installation, which are attended by your employees. Your employees get acquainted with the operating principles of brewery observing over the project’s implementation and will be present during the brewing process. During this time, even having no experience person can become a good brewer.


Step 5: Warranty. We are assured in our equipment’s quality, but in the case of damage we will replace or repair the failed equipment easily and quickly.


This approach allows us to provide a high effect of our work with better results than if you cooperate with other companies. We keep each of our clients from the beginning to the end: after warranty service is a constant basis. You may ask: constant basis? We will reply: our customers - this is our pride and our advertising, if we have already started cooperation, we will provide you the best after-warranty service.

P.S. Our specialization is production of brewing equipment of European quality. And believe us - this is what we do best!

Get started your brewing business today!


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