Making millions: how much you can earn on craft beer

Making millions: how much you can earn on craft beer

In 2014, IT manager Rustam Askarov built craft brewery spending than 5 million rubles. Today his mini brewery brings 4 million rubles revenues and 300 thousand rubles net profit per month.

Rustam Askarov worked at Microsoft department in the Volga Federal District, and then led software sales in the "Alteks" Company in Nizhny Novgorod.

In 2010, Rustam received from a friend a small home brewery as a gift and tried to brew beer. In 2012, he and his friends gathered new brewery with capacity 250L per brew. “My friends have a cottage, we brewed the beer there just for our pleasure. But I can’t remember how much it cost” - Askarov says. We did not sell beer at that time, but just treated them with friend. There were bar and pub owners among Askarov acquaintances who asked him about beer sales prospects. He realized it was time to turn a hobby into a business.

Askarov has spent 3.5 million rubles to the production line: one part of it has received from the investor (according to SPARC, 49% of LLC "Brewery Hopfen Malz End" controls Valentine Kosyreva), the second part of he put with personal savings.

Entrepreneur rented a separate room for 50 thousand rubles per month - former shop at a meat factory on the outskirts of Nizhny Novgorod area of 150 square meters and he spent about 700 thousand rubles for repair.

Equipment (Chinese) - brewhouse 500 liters and fermentation tanks (8 units, each with capacity 1 ton) Askarov visited the Chinese city Jinan to actually see equipment assembly process. Equipment was delivered by Russian firm “Hornet”. In terms of administrative barriers, brewing is easier than producing of strong alcohol. It is necessary connect to EGAIS system, but do not have to be certified, to purchase tax stamps. First brew was carried out at the end of February 2014. Trademark for the businessman came up with the internet users for a box of beer. I announced a contest for one of the forums on the Internet - and came up with the name Malz & Hopfen, which translates from the German as "hops and malt" The first label painted by friend of Rustam.

Pot liquor

Russian beer market is an area of transnational giants. Its volume was estimated in 2015 at $ 698 million. According to Nielsen estimates, four of them on the international brewing companies accounted for 73,5%: Carlsberg - 34,7%, Heineken - 12,9%, Anheuser-Busch InBev - 12,8%, Efes - 13%. The remaining quarter of the market shares of more than 300 independent companies. Craft beer (author's experimental varieties) brewed both at large factories and the very small breweries. The volume of this market is estimated at 2.1% of beer production. But in contrast to the market as a whole craft beer production is growing. According to the "SUN InBev", since 2010 the number of craft breweries in Russia increased from 13 to 98 to 2015. The number of independent breweries in the United States reached 4.27 thousand in 2015 according to statistics of Brewers Association. The growing number of breweries is 15% for the year.

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