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In early March 2017, installation and commissioning of the new SCHULZ project were successfully completed. “Rising moon brewery” is a private brewery with a capacity of 1,000 liters of wort for brewing, where experienced cooking and staff training is currently taking place.

How it all began?

In May 2016, our company received an application from the Moscow region. During the first dialogue it became known that the customers showed a serious interest in the implementation of their project and already had a room for the brewery in a state of repair. The first meeting with the owner was in the beginning of June within the framework of the festival “Big Craft Day”. The summer of 2016 was held in the decision of the organizational issues of the relative future of the project: plans for layouts of the equipment placement in the premises were coordinated. As a result, in December 2016 an agreement was signed to supply equipment of our production.


It was decided to purchase and install the Schulz-1000 brewery in the complete set with 5 fermenters. The kit included an individual version of the design, according to the customer’s wishes: brewing order (stainless lining), separation of fermentation and after-fermentation, auxiliary equipment and semi-automated control. In February 2017 the equipment was successfully delivered to the customer, after which the chief was assembled and commissioned. Already in April this year, the project “Rising moon brewery” will be fully launched into operation and will please with excellent beer of its own production.

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