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mini-breweries for business

Mini breweries

Mini breweries - brewing equipment for launching your own facility or private brewery for selling beer in selling points.

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Your mini brewery plant or industrial brewery are a real chance to produce quality beer and at the same time get a good income from this business.

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Additional equipment

Brewing equipment from Schulz company:

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How to start brewing business

  • 01 Project budget
    • Make a request on our website Make a request
    • Agree project budget and performance of brewery with your personal manager.
  • 02 Premises preparation
    • Do the premises repairment accordingly to the sanitary rules (100$ per 1 sqm in average).
    • Schulz Company provides the Technical Design Specification for premises preparation. Gives you advices on water and electricity supply, same as recomendations on ventilation and sewerage.
  • 03 Delivery of equipment
    • manufacture the equipment (production period is 21 days);
    • selection of optimal variant of delivery (delivery time is 2-10 days);
    • provide services for installation, startup and training your brewer (20 days depending on the project).
  • 04 Documentary registration
    • sanitary inspection conclusion;
    • fire inspection conclusion, conclusion of metrological expertise;
    • resolution of tax service.
  • 05 Guarantees
    • warranty and post-warranty service;
    • free technical support.
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Our clients

Useful to know
Request a quote here to get brewing equipment pricing today

  • What is the price of brewery?

    The cost of breweries “Schulz” depends on the production capacity and the type of equipment. The price include: the brewery made of European and Belgian parts of stainless steel AISI 304, installation, commissioning, test brews and warranty service. The cost of breweries Schulz starts from 26 000 dollars. If you find cheaper, pay attention to the complete set of equipment, because some manufacturers underestimate the cost of equipment by cheapening of set (smaller number of CCT, the absence of a steam generator, sensors, control panel etc.) Send competitor’s offer to our experts and they will explain what are the differences.

  • How to deliver the equipment to the place of operation?

    Our company can arrange the delivery of equipment anywhere in the world without any problems. We will arrange delivery and offer you a delivery company or leave the choice for you.

  • Beer storage period

    The beer can be storage in CCT up to 2 months, after bottling in kegs – 5 days, and being bottled in bottles – up to 6 months.

  • There is small sales market and high competition - variants of solving the problem

    According to statistics, that for every 50 000 inhabitants it is advisable to open a brewery volume of 1000 liters, the demand is proved by dozens of successful projects.

  • Beer wholesale license is too expensive

    You do not need to acquire this license, because it concerns the major manufacturers, for retail, you need to buy a license giving the right to sell alcoholic beverages at retail and have a cash register, the cost of 8,000 USD.
    Russia. According to the Government Decision №171 “State regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products and limit consumption (drinking) ALCOHOL PRODUCTION” Article 18 “Activities subject to licensing” – beer is not subject to licensing. Excerpt: “1. 1. Subject to licensing activities on production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products, except: production and turnover of ethyl alcohol by pharmacopoeia articles, beer and beer drinks, cider.”

  • Brewery’s recoupment

    According to statistics, the author beers and “crafting revolution” is gaining momentum with each passing year. More than 90% of our clients leads successful businesses over the years and many of them are constantly acquire equipment to increase production volumes. More and more people prefer beer, brewed according to unique recipes.

  • Another manufacturer is nearer in location, whom to choose?

    Of course it’s important, that’s why our offices in each region have a full staff in region: Kiev, Ukraine; Ivanteevka, Russia; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Krakow, Poland. Therefore, buy brewery and take care of the maintenance is easy. Shipment of the equipment is carried out with the nearest office, according to EXW. If necessary, the obligations about the delivery are subject to change.

  • Payment variants

    Schulz Company can offer you a variety of payment options. You can split the payment of 10% and a further specification during manufacture of the brewery, which certainly easier with the financial side.

  • What is beer cost price and beer sales price in my area?

    To calculate the cost and selling price of your beer just make a request on our website and our experts will advise you and provide a detailed calculation of beer cost according to analysis in your region for FREE.

  • Whether Schulz brewing equipment is certified?

    Yes, our equipment complies with all technical and technological regulations and standards. Our company has certificates:

    • “Certificate of conformity”;
    • Declaration of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR);
    • European TUV certificate (Directive 2006/42 / EC on the safety of machinery and equipment) and the CE mark;
    • Certificate of quality of the manufacturer.